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In an effort to hold Democratic State Senate Candidate Andrew Barnhill accountable for gambling and drinking at a luxurious resort when he said he was helping starving school children in South Africa
Governor Pat McCrory helped kick off construction of the new State Employees' Credit Union Memorial Walkway today at the USS North Carolina Battleship
Governor Pat McCrory joined state and local leaders, transportation officials and members of the Wilmington community to unveil the newly finished Third Street Bridge, which opened to traffic in downtown Wilmington today. On his visit, Governor McCrory called to invest more than $120 million of...
Governor Pat McCrory is encouraging citizen participation in four additional public hearings in coming weeks to offer feedback on a new monument on State Capitol grounds to commemorate the achievements of African Americans
I liked the format of Thursday's debate much better than the previous two. It allowed for more of a give-and-take between the candidates.
Then-speaker Thom Tillis, Skip Stam, the Black Caucus, and The John Locke Foundation were all quite passionate about passing reparations for people sterilized by the state of North Carolina from the 20s to the 70s.
"I didn't go looking for this opportunity," said John Rhodes, the best-known of the three qualified write-in candidates for US Senate in North Carolina. "It found me.
During the recently-completed GOP primary for US Senate, speaker Thom Tillis told a fundraiser crowd in Wilmington he favored the retention of state incentives for studios shooting movies and TV shows in North Carolina.
Congressman Walter Jones takes action and relates it to his constituents through these press releases.
Wilmington-area legislators and movie industry types are pretty mad. It looks like incentives for the film industry are not going to survive the state House. These folks REALLY thought they were going to keep getting these goodies. And for good reason.
Those of us who consider ourselves moderates are following our state's current events with interest and no small measure of amusement.
Governor Pat McCrory announced today that $500,000 from the Office of State Budget and Management's Repair and Renovation Contingency Reserve has been allocated to the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA, the state's World War II memorial, to repair its hull.
During my lifetime there have been many innovations that changed our lives, but perhaps none more significant than television.
I like field trips so much that my boys go not just on their regular school-organized trips but also on Hood Academy field trips of my own design. Over the years, we've visited the State Capitol and state museums of natural science and history in Raleigh, the Moore's Creek National Battlefield...
The left does a great job of spinning their agenda as one of freedom. The freedom to love whoever you want to love.
Students at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro pay the highest debt service fee - the fee used to pay for past and future campus construction costs - in the UNC system.
On October 25, a heated exchange took place at the meeting of the board of trustees at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington (UNCW). The fireworks weren't about school finances, or plans for new campus construction, but rather the rights of students accused of non-academic...
The Beaufort County Arts Council will present Wilmington artist Elizabeth Darrow in an exhibit at the Washington Civic Center Gallery beginning on Thursday, September 5.
Commercial restrictions through tariffs have been an integral part of American history. The federal government has used forms of commercial restriction as a source of revenue and to protect American industry and labor.
McLaurin was also among the first African Americans to serve as a U.S. postmaster in North Carolina. He was appointed postmaster at Warsaw in Duplin County in December 1875.
Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker announced today that GE Aviation, a global leader in jet engine and aircraft system production, will be expanding its manufacturing operations at four facilities in North Carolina.
Kay Hagan -- our junior US senator AND NY Senator Chuck Schumer's favorite sock puppet -- has been getting a lot of kudos from the MSM for utilizing social media as part of her constituent relations operation.
While the state House leadership is talking about watering stuff down, slowing things down, appeasing the Democrats to "get stuff done,"
Although one of the smallest counties in North Carolina, New Hanover County, located in the southeastern section of the state, serves as an important tourist attraction, trading center, and cultural trademark.
Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo expressed the frustration of many public officials when discussing transportation needs for the Port City. How can you build and maintain roads, Saffo asked, when nobody wants to pay for them?
As it grows colder, and as we step gingerly into winter, I recall one of the hottest days of the summer, when I explored the counties of Pender, New Hanover, and Brunswick.