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Governor Pat McCrory's environmental agency awarded $127 million in loans and grants today that will help North Carolina towns pay for 70 drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects
Governor Pat McCrory is taking additional action to protect public health and the environment by signing a bill that provides permanent drinking water to residents, requires dam safety repairs, and mandates the recycling of coal ash
Governor Pat McCrory has selected Beth Freshwater Smith of Wilson to fill a vacant district court seat in the 7th District (Nash, Edgecombe and Wilson counties). The vacancy was created by the resignation of Judge William G. Stewart. Smith will serve the remainder of Judge Stewart's term, which...
When you retire and begin to travel, interview skills need improvement but fortunately you will never see these folks again.
After a decade of controversy and unnecessary bureaucracy - the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is rescinding their Notice of Violation of the Clean Water Act National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for Rose Acre Farms
Governor Pat McCrory announced $119 million in loans and grants that will help towns across North Carolina pay for 50 much-needed drinking water and wastewater projects.
What IS a Republican? Is it merely someone who marks an 'R' on their voter registration card? Is it someone who seeks to protect the common people from the excesses of government bureaucracy?
The city of Asheville and customers living outside the city who rely on Asheville for their drinking water long have had a contentious relationship. The issue was again before the state's second highest court in October, this time over whether a law passed in 2013 taking control of the water...
The Great 100 Nurses, which promotes nursing excellence in North Carolina, has recognized seven Vidant Health nurses in its list of the 2015 Great 100 Nurses. This non-profit organization creates peer recognition among North Carolina's registered nurses, as well as awards excellence in practice...
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit today put on hold the federal Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) rule redefining Waters of the United States, or WOTUS.
Creedence Clearwater Revival released their Cosmo's Factory album in 1970. With all the hard rock and drug culture music on the scene it was nice to get back to some good old rock and roll driving guitar and down home lyrics.
East Carolina University scientists have been sending a small craft to navigate the North Carolina coast studying underwater noise and keeping tabs on tagged marine life all to better understand the ocean environment.
Three areas designed to hold stormwater runoff back from Greens Mill Run on the campus of East Carolina University are helping improve the water quality in the urban waterway.
On Friday, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) became an original cosponsor of a resolution to begin impeachment proceedings against EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy for committing perjury.
Summer is here and that means that schools are letting kids out for the year. But that poses an important question for many parents: How can I keep my kids busy? ECU professor Ashley Norris in the Department of Child Development and Family Relations has provided the following tips for inexpensive...
Scott Jones, a doctoral candidate at East Carolina University, spent Monday showing middle and high school students different types of aquatic insects and telling them about his research of population and community ecology.
Polish immigrant Leonard Chess wanted a better life, and he built it on the talented backs of some pretty good musicians, like Muddy Waters, Etta James, Howl'n Wolfe, Willie Dixon and Chuck Berry.
Governor Pat McCrory signed legislation this evening that amends several areas of environmental law. The legislation, House Bill 157, was introduced by Rep. Pat McElraft and Rep. Rick Catlin and passed the General Assembly today.
I am listening to the program on the eve after Skip Waters' untimely and sudden death. It has brought tears to my eyes even though I never met him personally. It is obvious how he touches Eastern NC since the early 50's.
The drive-by media across The Carolinas was ga-ga this morning about a story regarding "payouts download (7)from a lender" to Gov. Pat McCrory (R-NC) and congressman Mark Sanford (R-SC).
An iconic image in the propaganda war against hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") is that of flammable tap water. Water you can light on fire. It is a calculated image to terrify.
As part of the State required regular maintenance of the distribution system, the Beaufort County Southside Water System will use free chlorine as the primary disinfectant from July 25th, 2014, through mid September 2014.
People were calling in to Rush talking about "teaching a lesson" to The Establishment. Rush had an interesting response: The establishment is not 'teachable.'
East Carolina University students responded to June's soaring temperatures by trading in their traditional classroom environment for a refreshing dip in the Pamlico River.
Duke Energy officials unsuccessfully urged state lawmakers to reconsider mandatory deadlines for cleaning up coal ash ponds around the state, and an environmental researcher agrees that arbitrary timelines could affect the utility's ability to recycle safely leftover materials stored in 33 ash...
State recreational water quality officials today lifted a water quality swimming advisory at a sound-side site in Beaufort County.
Governor Pat McCrory joined Reynolds American Inc. CEO Susan Cameron and local and state leaders in Forsyth County today at an expansion announcement by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company that will bring 200 new jobs to the region.
Conservative icons such as Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and Milton Friedman would have appreciated some of the North Carolina General Assembly's key accomplishments in 2013. That's the assessment of John Locke Foundation President John Hood, who discussed the issue with Donna Martinez for...
The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services' Division of Public Health is issuing two health advisories related to the recent coal ash spill in the Dan River in Eden.
Over the past three years, the North Carolina legislature has enacted Ronald Reagan's favorite tax reform, Barry Goldwater's favorite regulatory reform, and Milton Friedman's favorite education reform. Yet some North Carolina conservatives of my acquaintance seem to think that the Republicans who...
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