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After attending both major political conventions this summer, an East Carolina University sociology professor is shaping new research around large-scale protests and police response tactics.
Republican Governor Pat McCrory and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper are both opponents of excessive and duplicative standardized testing. Surveys suggest that parents, teachers, and administrators believe that "over-testing" is a problem
The U.S. Department of Education has issued a testing compliance ultimatum to several states, including North Carolina, and the ultimatum includes the threat of legal action. This activity is tied to controversial re-authorization of No Child Left Behind, known as Every School Succeeds Act (ESSA).
Teen geniuses and word wizards just lost their competitive edge with the nation's most established college admissions exam.
North Carolina schools got a mixed report from the latest independent tests, known as the National Assessment of Educational Progress
As I write this the BOEM (Bureau of Energy Management) is advocating for our offshore oil in the depths of the Graveyard of the Atlantic and adjacent to both the Outer Banks and Gulf Stream.
The new school year is fast approaching, but policymakers remain rattled by testing boycotts that swept the nation this spring. From New York to California, hundreds of thousands of parents pulled their children out of end-of-year tests.
A researcher at East Carolina University has been studying what parents of children with autism spectrum disorder know and how they make decisions about genetic testing.
From 2009 to 2013, the University of North Carolina system gradually increased its minimum admission standards. Students entering UNC schools this fall had to score at least 800 on combined math and verbal SAT tests to be admitted.
Members of the Governor's Teacher Advisory Committee presented nine major recommendations on testing standards and assessments to Governor Pat McCrory today at a meeting at the Executive Mansion.
A survey of nearly 900 academic studies from the past quarter-century shows North Carolina has been moving in the right direction on education reform in recent years. That's a key conclusion from a new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report.
Several members of the Beaufort County Community College Board of Trustees donned prison garb and posed behind the bars of a mock jail recently to support a drive by BCCC faculty and staff to help fund scholarships for high school equivalency testing.
Teachers finding their schedules packed with testing would get relief from education reforms promised by Gov. Pat McCrory and top Republican lawmakers, who say students would benefit from a streamlined list of required state and local exams.
Governor Pat McCrory, Chair of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Governors Coalition, issued the following statement after the U.S. Department of Interior released its review that could allow seismic testing firms, under certain conditions.
Governor Pat McCrory vetoed legislation (HB 392) but signed an executive order to implement the priority of the legislation's criminal history verification and information sharing requirements for welfare benefit applicants.
Government has truly become Big Daddy in many people's minds. Nothing proves this claim more than recent arguments on the floor of the North Carolina Senate regarding SB 594.
Governor Pat McCrory vowed to reduce the amount of mandatory tests given to North Carolina students and announced a plan to award a $10,000 stipend to selected teachers to assist in the implementation of college and career ready standards at their school districts.
Around the nation this spring, simmering parental anger over student testing boiled over into all-out revolt. As testing increasingly co-opts curriculum and classroom, many parents have grown weary of talk, talk, talk. No glib platitudes can quell this uprising; instead, moms and dads are taking...
Gov. McCrory is right on target in calling for this review. But it is not a matter of a certain number of tests that are given but rather what the nature of and use of the tests are.
A 2011 Civitas Poll showed North Carolina voters will likely support proposed legislation that would require welfare applicants and recipients to pass drug tests to receive benefits.