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Civitas Action has released its annual Conservative Effectiveness Rankings of North Carolina state lawmakers for 2016.
Existing businesses in North Carolina are taxed at rates below the national average, and new firms generally benefit from tax rates beneath national norms, making the Tar Heel State an attractive place to do business, a new study concluded.
The North Carolina Senate has approved a Taxpayer Protection Act by the required three-fifths vote. The measure approves amending the North Carolina Constitution to place caps on income-tax rates and spending growth while requiring lawmakers to set aside money in a rainy-day fund to guard against...
Last week I reported that, based on this quote, the actions of the Governor and many state legislators in pushing new corporate welfare schemes were at odds with the Republican Party Platform. I was wrong. Shortly after my newsletter went out, I received an email telling me that, in the latest...
Tax reform goes into effect in 2014, lowering tax rates for every individual and corporation in the state. Regular review and routine repeal of burdensome regulations will begin to loosen government's grip on businesses, signaling that North Carolina is again open for business and welcomes entrepren
For decades North Carolina's tax system has needed a major overhaul. A model of hodgepodge tax policy, it has featured high rates for most taxpayers and special exemptions for the few. It has penalized economic growth and discouraged job creation.
Last week, I assessed the tax reform plan offered by Senate leader Phil Berger and his colleagues. While crediting the Senate plan for setting the proper goals...
Senate leaders used a Tuesday press conference to announce their long-awaited tax proposal, a proposal that would lower personal and corporate income tax...
Dr. Arthur Laffer, former economic advisor to President Reagan and commonly referred to as the father of supply-side economics sits down with Civitas to discuss how cuts in tax rates bring prosperity.
Low-information America and its enablers in the mainstream media are in a snit over Phil Mickelson's complaint about the amount of taxes he is being forced to pay as a U.S. citizen and a native-born resident of California.
The world is full of imponderables. We have been treated over the last year or so to a seemingly unending diatribe about the need for the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes (whatever that is).
Politicians in Raleigh and DC, aided and abetted by our oft-clueless media, are railing about how the only way to fix our economic mess is to get the 'guv-mint' MO' revenue.
While the national Democratic ticket is enjoying a modest lift in the polls after the convention in Charlotte, the party's gubernatorial nominee, Walter Dalton, remains significantly behind Republican Pat McCrory.
North Carolina taxpayers could be out almost $9 billion if the Bush-era tax rates and a patch for the Alternative Minimum Tax aren't extended, a report by the Tax Foundation says. Nationwide, the total tax relief is estimated to be $403 billion, or about 2.7 percent of the economy.