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The current legislative session has been hailed in most quarters as a success, yet much remains to be done
The N.C. General Assembly's 2016-17 short session is over, the legislature has adjourned, and everyone is back in his or her district - either planning retirement or campaigning
Following a bipartisan vote in the NC House of Representatives, State Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue agreed with Senate President Phil Berger
The 2016 legislative short session begins April 25. While continued uncertainty over congressional (and even legislative) district maps could cut into the General Assembly's calendar, there are a number of moves our elected officials could make this year to highlight economic growth
This legislative session has reminded me of watching my in-laws fight. It was loud, boisterous, impassioned, argumentative, at times totally unreasonable, accusatory, crazy, painful, and yet sometimes funny to watch -- predictable and surprising.
They call this time of year the "dog days" of summer, long days filled with heat and humidity. When our legislature is still in session lawmakers get dog-tired, resulting in a lot of barking due to short tempers.
The so-called legislative short session kicks off on Jones Street Wednesday. The N&O has already started smooching Phil Berger's posterior.
Don't look now, but North Carolina seems to have survived a significant reduction in the duration of the state's legislative sessions.