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After Attorney General Roy Cooper admitted he does not intend to uphold his sworn and legal obligation to defend North Carolina's common sense voter ID law in court, Governor McCrory called on Roy Cooper to forgo his salary and reimburse taxpayers for the cost of hiring outside counsel to do his job
In March, the National Education Association (NEA) released their latest Rankings and Estimates report. Last school year, North Carolina's average teacher salary ranked 42nd in the nation and trailed 41st-ranked Louisiana by just over $100. The new edition of the report should be released...
In March, the National Education Association released its latest Rankings and Estimates report. Last school year, North Carolina's average teacher salary ranked 42nd in the nation and trailed No. 41-ranked Louisiana by just over $100. The new edition of the report should be...
In June, Wake County commissioners approved an extra $44.6 million for Wake County Public Schools (WCPSS). About half the money will go for raises and additional pay; $16 million for teacher pay, $1.8 million for teachers who take on extra duties, and another $6 million for 3 percent raises for...
Everyone is talking about the $22 billion+ House Budget and what will happen to the spending plan now that it has crossed chambers and is in the hands of the Senate. Senate leaders will be meeting all this week to start their preparations before it is debated in sub-committees. We should expect a...
Public school superintendents have been in the news lately, and it's not been flattering. Desperate to move on from the contentious tenure of Superintendent Katie McGee, the Brunswick County Board of Education hired Edward Pruden in 2010 at a salary of $159,400 a year. Late last year, the school...
Public schools superintendents have been in the news lately and it's not been flattering.
As part of a campaign to inform employees and union workers of their rights, the Civitas Institute will be educating North Carolina teachers and other school employees about how they can give themselves an average $450 a year pay increase by leaving the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE)
Senate and House leaders on Tuesday rolled out specifics in their $21.3 billion General Fund budget, including an average 7 percent pay increase for teachers that would not eliminate teacher assistant jobs.
Governor Pat McCrory released the following statement on Senate Bill 793, which makes several modifications to existing charter school laws
Even though the Senate has yet to reject the House's version of the 2014-15 general fund budget (final House passage came Friday, a day after senators left town), negotiators from both chambers will get to work this week hammering out a compromise of the $21.1 billion spending plan.
This week, Moral Monday took an interesting turn; instead of ending in arrests, the evening ended with a civil discussion and an eerie march through the State Legislative Building.
The annual teacher turnover report produced by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction shows the number of public schoolteachers who've left their jobs across the state during the past year.
Where can budget writers find savings to help fund priorities such as teacher raises? That's a question on everyone's mind these days.
State House leaders Tuesday unveiled their $21.1 billion General Fund spending plan, including teacher pay increases averaging 5 percent, 25 new positions to enforce coal ash pond cleanup, and a transfer of the State Bureau of Investigation from the Department of Justice to the Department of Public
The House released its initial budget proposal Tuesday, with appropriations subcommittees meeting for several hours to review and amend the proposed committee substitute by subject area.
Teacher pay is a topic that has dominated the education landscape in North Carolina for most of the past year.
Governor Pat McCrory announced a sweeping array of education initiatives that will increase teacher pay, provide in-state tuition for newly separated veterans, increase funding for textbooks and establish salary supplements for teachers who obtain advanced degrees in a subject they are teaching.
In a memo sent earlier today, Governor Pat McCrory asked all state government leaders to slow spending in order to protect the state's strong financial position.
Since Jim Hunt's final term as governor, North Carolina policymakers and education activists have been fixated on raising the salaries of K-12 public school teachers to a "national average" compiled by the nation's largest teachers union, the National Education Association.
I was out at a social gathering last night, when I overheard a conversation that bothered me. These were some folks I know - low info voters who are moderate to conservative in their politics - who I know voted for Pat McCrory in 2012.