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Things have been looking good for your family's finances over the past couple of years
Over the past two years, North Carolina has improved 18-spots in Wallet Hub's rankings of the quality of education in all 50 states, breaking through to the top-20 best schools in the country
This week in North Carolina, the Burr campaign will highlight Senator Burr's work to provide states with more federal funding so they can decide on the most effective ways to help students receive a quality education and to give teachers the resources they need to educate the next generation
Alliance Defending Freedom and KeepNCSafe sent a letter to Durham Public Schools Thursday that asks it to reject a proposed policy that would allow children to use bathrooms of the opposite sex
The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Jeremy Tedesco regarding guidelines that the Obama administration issued to public schools
North Carolina will not stand by and let our locker rooms and high school showers be used for social experimentation at the expense of the privacy and protection of our young boys and girls.
On the same night that the DOJ announced it would not withhold federal funds to NC while the lawsuits over HB2 play out
Missouri's Democrat attorney general and candidate for governor, Chris Koster, said yesterday the Obama administration was "wrong" to issue a directive to the nation's public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity, Morning Consult...
Governor Pat McCrory released the following statement regarding the Obama administration's mandate on public schools
Today, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) issued this statement on the Obama administration's directive ordering all public elementary and secondary schools in America to, among other things, allow boys to use girls' showers, restrooms and locker rooms "as a condition of receiving Federal funds"
When I first advocated the idea of parental choice in elementary and secondary education, it was considered by many to be a radical notion.
North Carolina taxpayers are the winners when public schools operate efficiently and when every public dollar is put to its best use and evaluated carefully.
North Carolina's public schools are currently producing better results than you might think, according to a recent analysis of independent testing data
You may or may not have noticed but North Carolina's political leadership has undertaken a fundamental shift away from unqualified support of traditional public schools towards favoring charter, private and even online schools.
As regular readers already know, civil asset forfeiture is a legal process that empowers government agents to confiscate property they suspect has been used for, or derived from, criminal activity. It is a civil action against the property itself, which means the owner need not be convicted of a...
In Part 1, we looked at Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) enrollment as an indicator of the growing gap between the educational options now available at the traditional public schools and the options parents actually want for their children
Consider these real-life scenarios: An Arizona family is told their 6-year-old son, Ryan, has symptoms on the autism spectrum. Doctors say he will need 20-40 hours per week of individual therapies. Ryan's parents can't afford that. What can they do?
Every two years, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) administers rigorous math and reading tests to a representative sample of fourth- and eighth-grade students from each state and Washington, D.C. NAEP occasionally administers assessments covering other subjects, grade-levels...
In June, Wake County commissioners approved an extra $44.6 million for Wake County Public Schools (WCPSS). About half the money will go for raises and additional pay; $16 million for teacher pay, $1.8 million for teachers who take on extra duties, and another $6 million for 3 percent raises for...
This series, entitled "Cut This, Go Home," includes several budget items that should no longer receive taxpayer funding because they fall well outside the legitimate, core functions of government.
Sixty-plus days past a July 1st deadline and North Carolina still has no state budget. One issue that many think is prolonging the current stalemate is what to do about teacher assistants (TAs). The best way to break the impasse is for the General Assembly to follow the state Senate's lead and...
The truth is that education school enrollment is dropping nationwide. According to the latest Title II reports published by the U.S. Department of Education, there was a 30 percent drop in education school enrollment between the 2008-09 and 2012-13 school years. Nearly 110,000 fewer students...
As a very public advocate of parental choice in education for most of my adult life, I am used to having my intentions questioned.
Many of the controversies roiling public education are traceable to a system that assigns students to schools based on where they live. One North Carolina community that is working hard to remedy this problem through expanding educational opportunity is the town of Wake Forest.
In an April decision, the N.C. Court of Appeals overturned a jury ruling that Union County public schools had not been provided enough money by the county commission
Public school superintendents have been in the news lately, and it's not been flattering. Desperate to move on from the contentious tenure of Superintendent Katie McGee, the Brunswick County Board of Education hired Edward Pruden in 2010 at a salary of $159,400 a year. Late last year, the school...
Public schools superintendents have been in the news lately and it's not been flattering.
In "Maintaining rigor and listening to teachers in the debate over academic standards," Keith Poston of the Public School Forum argues against changing the Common Core math and English standards, since he believes members of the state's Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) are working to...
Public schools work for Delicia Hare's 14-year-old son, but not so well for her 8-year-old son Christian Houston. Hare uses the $4,200 voucher she gets from the state's Opportunity Scholarship Program to offset some of the costs of sending Christian to Raleigh Christian Academy. She homeschooled...
Wake County Public Schools finds itself in the middle of a book controversy. Concerned parents at Highcroft Drive Elementary School have voiced concerns about the use of highly questionable books by fourth graders at the school. A blogger named NC Citizen, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote...
Those who care about education reform learned a lot on February 5 when North Carolina released its first letter grades for public schools. The grades reflect three sets of information: average student performance on end-of-year tests, the amount of annual growth in those scores, and graduation...
Governor McCrory issued the following statement after the release of the State Board of Education's 2013-2014 School Performance Grades for traditional public and charter schools.
Some members of the Wake County Board of Education have joined the list of education policymakers hoping to find the same flexibility for traditional public schools that charter schools enjoy, though some school choice supporters are suspicious of the board members' motives.
Time was political candidates didn't spend all their money and energies telling us what a contemptuous scoundrel their opponent was.
Billionaire Bill Gates, who has spent millions advocating for and implementing the Common Core Standards in 44 states and thousands of public schools across the United States, sends his children to a private school where it's hard to find any mention of the increasingly unpopular Common Core.
I believe South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson would like to have a word with the Hagan campaign, state and national Democrats, and their lackeys in the drive-by media.
For many of us, Labor Day signifies the last day of summer. For local governments, it is the day property tax bills are sent to millions of citizens. Property taxes are one of the oldest forms of taxation in North Carolina and were used through the 1930s as a joint tax by state and local...
Pat Hensley bristles at being called a politician, and until her June retirement she held a supposedly nonpartisan position as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for Catawba County Schools.
As of this morning, the North Carolina Public Schools Application System (NCPSAS) listed nearly 1,300 traditional public school job openings.
For many years, state education and political leaders promised increasing our "investment" in public schools was the key to raising student achievement for disadvantaged students.
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