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Let us settle for all time the question whether there is bias in the media.
Amendment lawyer Bussian suggests case against N&O actually sought to block critical coverage of crime lab's failures.
This N&O article takes a closer look at the financial challenges presented by the swelling ranks of senior citizens and the rising costs of long-term care
The success story of North Carolina's economy is in front of a world-wide audience, featured in a multi-page profile headlined North Carolina
I remember names by mentally associating a new person with someone I know with the same or similar name. There are numerous other methods on YouTube that I tried and discarded.
How can you translate what our politicians are really telling you.
If you've lived on this planet more than 20 years you've experienced constant changes. We constantly hear that the only thing that remains the same is change and nowhere is that change more evident than in the world of media.
Patients seeking surgical options at Vidant Medical Center (VMC) for severe obesity and its related conditions have a high-quality choice for receiving treatment at a nationally-accredited program that meets the highest standards for patient safety and quality of care.
The following classes are available at the Washington County Center in Roper through Beaufort County Community College's Department of Continuing Education.
The following classes are available at the Washington County Center in Roper through Beaufort County Community College's Department of Continuing Education.
The Community Spanish Facilitator curriculum prepares individuals to work as entry-level professionals in basic Spanish communication skills who will provide communication access in interview and interaction settings.
If you're spending lots of time on internet marketing and social media, you may be missing the customers, benefits, connections and potential sales within your local community.
March's honored character trait at Beaufort County Community College was "Trustworthy," someone who demonstrates a commitment to uphold responsibilities placed on them by others.
Novice quilters in a new class at Beaufort County Community College will have new fabrics and sewing supplies thanks to a recent donation by the Pamlico River Quilters' Guild.
The following classes and workshops are offered through the Continuing Education Department.
MDC representatives Stephanie Saunders and Jenna Braun visited Beaufort County Community College on Tuesday, March 15 to review the progress made by the College's Beau-Fitt program.
Beaufort County Community College (BCCC) will be holding its first Public Safety Weekend from March 4- March 6, 2016. Fire, EMS and law enforcement personnel can take advantage of the classes to fulfill their annual training requirements locally.
The East Carolina University Board of Trustees voted unanimously to rename Building 71, formerly Aycock Residence Hall, as Legacy Hall during its regularly scheduled meeting Friday, Feb. 19. The motion came from the trustees' Athletics and Advancement Committee.
Teams of students prepare nutritious meals consisting of a protein, vegetable, starch and dessert at Todd Dining Hall and deliver them on a rotating schedule to four community partners: Operation Sunshine, the Little Willie Center, JOY Soup Kitchen and the Ronald McDonald House.
The N.C. Civility Summit, aimed at promoting understanding and positive change on East Carolina University's campus and beyond, will feature keynote speaker Opal Tometi, executive director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration and co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement.
From John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald, notorious presidential assassins will tell their stories in an East Carolina University musical opening Feb. 25 in McGinnis Theatre.
In national news coverage leading up to the March 15 presidential primaries, North Carolina's election was treated as an afterthought
Drift along with the tumbling tumbleweeds while you travel with the Beaufort County Community College Foundation to America's Cowboy Country on an eight-day trip to the western United States.
With the passage of the recent Omnibus travesty, word leaked out that the legislation could QUADRUPLE the amount of guest worker visas issued per year.
Summary: The Navy can train an electronics technician in 20 weeks to work on 20 million dollar planes. The government provides free training to enlisted men including free medical and dental plans.
In recollecting 2015, I remember legendary CBS Newsman Walter Cronkite, who closed each evening's newscast by saying, "And that's the way it is..,".
Walk into the Pitt County Care Clinic on any given Sunday afternoon and you will see a group of enthusiastic yet nervous medical students huddled together, chatting to ease their nerves. Each of them is ready to experience their first dose of patient interaction.
In 1972, at the University of Georgia, our college newspaper staff opposed the proposal to change the name of the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism to the Henry W. Grady School of Mass Communications
Over the last few weeks, the Raleigh News and Observer (along with its sister outlet, the Charlotte Observer) has been waging war on the opponents of Common Core and in particular on the Academic Standards Review Commission, the body tasked with reviewing the math and English standards and...
On the front page of the November 28th edition of the Raleigh News and Observer the paper featured a report by Justin Catanoso, a Wake forest University journalism professor. The author expressed optimism that the Paris global warming conference would produce a "binding agreement to burn less...
The News & Observer is doing its darnedest to ignore the growing criticism of Common Core standards. The paper's recent editorial "Defending Common Core" was an exercise in putting lipstick on a pig.
Governor Pat McCrory issued the following statement after learning of the death of pioneer television newsman, Doug Mayes.
The North Carolina Republican Party today delivered in-kind campaign contribution forms to the Raleigh News & Observer after its editorial board endorsed Attorney General Roy Cooper in a bizarre editorial over the weekend. Remarkably, the paper's endorsement came before Cooper answered a single...
Political discussion often involves debate over competing ideas. But some partisans want no debate. They would rather declare certain views off-limits. It's a tactic that disturbs Guy Benson and Mary Katharine Ham, co-authors of the book End of Discussion: How the Left's Outrage Industry Shuts...
I would like to submit political articles for publication that require less stringent research requirements.
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