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Democrats and liberal commentators have been loudly and gleefully attacking Donald Trump and his campaign operatives for getting their chronologies wrong
It began, remarkably enough, as the national political convention that would be normal, far out-distancing the abnormality of the Republican national convention, one week earlier, where the luminaries of past presidents and political competitors did not show up to nominate Donald J. Trump.
I am about to begin my freshman year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and I recently attended college orientation.
Do you want to know why the Left has tried to make North Carolina politics into an "all House Bill 2, all the time" zone? Here are some reasons
Standing behind the podium at a campaign stop in North Carolina, Hillary Clinton promised to 'return North Carolina back to the days of Democrat Control, after this recent detour, when North Carolina suffered its first deficit budget - a three billion dollar deficit.
As seen through the eyes of an unbiased MSNBC show, the election is a all about who you don't like.
Rocker Bruce Springsteen, a.k.a. "The Boss", will not perform in North Carolina as long as the state enacts legislation (HB 2) to protect children from being forced to use bathrooms and locker rooms with people of the opposite sex.
The college entrance exams proved my little Sammi Jo has no math skills so she became a Liberal and now she plans to vote for Bernie and hates White people and uses the Transgender bathrooms. She likes boys and has given more rides than a Greyhound Bus.
Houston! We have a problem. Well, actually it's not just Houston. It's Atlanta, New York, Philly, Detroit, LA, Portland, Miami, and every single city, town, village, and hamlet in the USA.
There is something I find interesting well actually, I find it evil and ignorant and sinister. Yes, sinister. It is something I heard liberals say over the past week or so and it was said on the air on national radio.
Every now and then some emergency takes me inside the loop to Metro.
I am a liberal for kids. No matter how stupid or wasteful, any program that attempts to help children; I will support. However, numerous successful programs are available.
The Office of the Governor of North Carolina released the following statement after learning that three liberal advocacy groups filed a lawsuit in federal court against State Board of Elections (SBOE), the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
How do North Carolinians feel about their schools and how their children are educated? The November Civitas Poll provided plenty of good information about those topics.
If we Senior Guys are not careful, we will be off the island.
It was an address to reassure the nation, but only mostly reassured the core low-information variety of Democrats.
I think that every major in college should require a separate test to gain admission to that field of study.
First, it was the Liberal, but not too sharp and not at all funny, women of The View, and then it was their messiah, Hussein Obama, stopping the Keystone Pipeline, and then attempting to explain that death truthfully.
After the horrific, and latest Islamist Terrorist attacks in Paris, and in America, where some Patriots still understand the Islamist Terrorist threat, especially with 9/11 fresh in our hearts: What is the hypocrisy within Liberal Irony?
It is epidemic, it is academic, and do we take it seriously? Another, more salient question that begs to be asked: How did this pathetic behavior evolve to such a level of incredible ineptitude in such a broad swath of humankind?
America's first Socialist President, Barrack Hussein Obama, did announce today, November 6, 2015, that he would use executive fiat to kill any chance of the Keystone Pipeline.
Ted and Bobby Tony Stamps are designed to save time in replying to the various non sequitur's of Reverend Gene, a Liberal of grand stature.
Ben Carson, a political neophyte, and former neurosurgeon, is proved to frighten hardened liberals, but the immutable question remains: Why?
It's hard not to sympathize with the plight of the young musician who, despite or perhaps rather because of his passion, is destined to scrape together his living in "the real world" outside the towering ivory walls of our traditional institutions of classical music
American law needs fixed rules and formal boundaries, not an ever-changing set of guidelines based on a judge's whims. Richard Epstein, professor of law and director of the Classical Liberal Institute at New York University, explained why during a recent public presentation for the John Locke Founda
An unusual coalition of 12 liberal Democrats and 11 conservative Republicans comprised the only formal opposition to the $22.1-billion General Fund budget passed around 1:15 a.m. May 22 by the state House of Representatives.
Enrollment in the liberal arts and humanities continues to sink, particularly in languages and literature. At Harvard, for example, almost 60 percent of the students who start in the humanities switch disciplines by the end of their second year.
The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation hasn't always been the largest funder of liberal activist organizations in North Carolina. But just as the Reynolds family moved away from the legacy of its founding patriarch, in time the foundation abandoned its roots in free-market innovation and success to...
I have been writing here for quite a few months in the hopes of broadening the scope of a most conservative e-magazine.
Freedom of speech is one of the core values of a free society. It ought to be appreciated and protected by Americans across the political spectrum. Unfortunately, it is not.
In North Carolina, left-wing nonprofit advocacy groups for decades have wielded an alarming amount of power in the media, state politics, and government. They work together, both in loose coalitions and organized networks, to influence and control public policy.
Stan has spurred me to further research over the Conservative / Liberal split. Unbeknownst to me a good old High School buddy supplied me with the ultimate answer!
America's vacationing, golfing, gala functionary, really cool (to the weak of mind) commander-in-chief continues, through world crisis, as America's first amateur president in modern times.
If you were tuning in to discover the direction of your nation for the next year, you would have been sadly misinformed.
In the 80s and 90s, Democrats worked really hard to make voting easier for their lazy, shiftless, poorly-educated target market.
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