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The 2016 N.C. legislative session was short, but full of significant action: limiting the growth of government, cutting taxes, paying down debt, building savings, raising teacher pay by almost 5 percent, protecting property rights, and continuing the momentum toward economic growth
Even though N.C. legislators left Raleigh on July 1, much earlier than in recent memory, the General Assembly had enough time to enact positive policy reforms
Should the government keep taxes higher in order to finance schools, roads, and other public services, even if the higher taxes discourage some private investment and entrepreneurship
The 2015 long legislative session has proven to be just that: long. Many productive ideas have been discussed, among them whether we should take advantage of low interest rates and construction costs to borrow and address long-neglected needs; whether insurance companies or providers should...
Since the end of the 2013 legislative session, I've had dozens of calls, emails, and Facebook messages from North Carolinians asking for help...
The 2013 legislative session has at times been contentious, sometimes controversial, often frustrating, but in the end, very successful. This has been a good...
Lawmakers wrapped up the 2013 legislative session with a bill embracing broad regulatory reform. The 68-page bill crossed into several functions of state...