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Following Hillary Clinton's press conference this afternoon where she once again contradicted FBI Director James Comey's statements regarding her email scandal, the Burr campaign calls on Deborah Ross to state whether she believes Hillary Clinton has misled the American people in her public statemen
The head of the FBI has characterized Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as "extremely careless" in handling sensitive - even classified - information on her private email server when she led the U.S. State Department
I borrow mightily from Don Mclean's resonate metaphor at the nexus of his classic anthem "American Pie", when I beg you to notice the abrupt change in the national wind, a noxious air; so foul that it may forever stain the fabric of our once mighty Republic.
Republican state auditor candidate and former FBI special agent Chuck Stuber says he was puzzled that the agency's investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's private email server
Governor Pat McCrory joined 26 other governors in a letter calling on President Barack Obama to cease the resettlement of additional Syrian refugees until the federal government thoroughly reviews the refugee background check process and address the security gaps acknowledged by FBI Director...