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Governor Pat McCrory's environmental agency awarded $127 million in loans and grants today that will help North Carolina towns pay for 70 drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects
Governor Pat McCrory is building on his commitment to increase access to affordable high-speed internet across North Carolina through a new State Broadband Plan
During today's Senate Armed Services Seapower Subcommittee hearing, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) questioned Lieutenant General Jon Davis, Deputy Commandant of the Marine Corps for Aviation, and Vice-Admiral Paul Grosklags, Commander of Naval Air Systems, on the urgency for the Marines Corps to...
For a growing number of cities and municipalities, when fiscal times get tough, the tough the market.
Governor Pat McCrory announced $119 million in loans and grants that will help towns across North Carolina pay for 50 much-needed drinking water and wastewater projects.
Governor Pat McCrory, Commerce Secretary John E. Skvarla, III, and Assistant Secretary for Rural Economic Development Dr. Patricia Mitchell announced today that the North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) approved 15 grant requests totaling $3,039,244.
The McCrory administration will ask North Carolina voters to approve transportation and infrastructure bonds at a time when citizens in most (but not all) cities will elect mayors and council members. Holding the referendums this November also would ask voters statewide to cast ballots as many...
Governor McCrory attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the final segment of I-485 today in Charlotte.
Governor Pat McCrory visited the State Highway Patrol Training Academy today to discuss Connect NC projects proposed for the State Highway Patrol.
Today, Governor Pat McCrory launched a new website about the Connect NC bond proposal.
Governor Pat McCrory will testify before the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure hearing entitled "Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill: Laying the Foundation for U.S. Economic Growth and Job Creation Part II" on Tuesday. In his capacity as a member of the Executive...
My budget commits nearly $4.8 billion to lay the foundation for our 25-year transportation vision, which focuses on connecting small towns and economic centers to simplify citizens' commutes for work, school and recreation...
Governor Pat McCrory's 2015-2017 biennium budget continues his focus on job creation, education and infrastructure. It also increases help and protection for those that cannot help themselves while maintaining fiscal discipline and increasing government efficiency.
Governor McCrory recognizes that our state's transportation infrastructure plays a critical role in attracting and retaining businesses, while connecting people to jobs, healthcare, education and recreation. That's why he created a 25-year vision to map our future and determine how to best...
Ever since conservatives won majorities in the North Carolina General Assembly and began reducing taxes, spending, and state regulation, liberals have predicted doom.
Shortly after the first Thanksgiving early settlers started migrating west in search of cheaper, less crowded and more available land. Ironically, today's cheaper, less crowded and open land is more often found in the rural east and far western sections early settlers left.
Governor Pat McCrory's admonition for people not to put on their "stupid hat" during Hurricane Arthur was easily understood, timely and right on target.
The year 2013 has seen significant reforms in North Carolina - to our tax system, job-killing regulations, transportation and infrastructure priorities, and education. The result will be substantive and meaningful changes in North Carolina. We will be positioned to recover from the recession more
Governor Pat McCrory received a federal disaster declaration Tuesday night to help local governments in three more Western North Carolina counties recover from the severe flooding that occurred July 27.
Governor Pat McCrory, along with U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows, N.C. Sen. Dan Soucek, N.C. Rep. Edgar Starnes (Majority Leader), Duke Energy State President Paul Newton and Google Operations Manager Enoch Moeller announced that Google will invest an additional $600 million in the Lenoir data center.
Governor Pat McCrory introduced a new proposal for funding transportation projects today to accelerate North Carolina's infrastructure investments and encourage greater economic growth.
A national database created to collect and track confidential personal information from public school students from kindergarten through high school is drawing fire from parents and privacy experts.
North Carolina features over 50 occupational licensing boards. The state licenses more occupations than most other states and is one of the more aggressive in licensing jobs for the poor or less educated.
Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo expressed the frustration of many public officials when discussing transportation needs for the Port City. How can you build and maintain roads, Saffo asked, when nobody wants to pay for them?