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Yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton's top supporters and New Hampshire's Democrat Senate candidate Maggie Hassan refused three times to say if she thought Hillary Clinton was honest and trustworthy.
During her primary fight with Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton argued that his "free college" promise went too far. Now, however, Clinton has come out with a plan to make public colleges and universities free for families who earn less than $125,000 annually.
The John Birch Society looks at what political party loyalty has cost us. It looks at the hypocrisy of the GOP and its schemes to deprive the People of their candidate.
After the horrific, and latest Islamist Terrorist attacks in Paris, and in America, where some Patriots still understand the Islamist Terrorist threat, especially with 9/11 fresh in our hearts: What is the hypocrisy within Liberal Irony?
To be accurate, I don't think most citizens really know what or who we are! Civics is not a required subject nor is political science.
First, it was Thom Tillis who told us he could represent the people of his legislative district, serve as speaker of the House, AND run for the US Senate all without any problem - ethical or otherwise.
While the media is reporting on an important political story, WRAL is leaving out key information about its deep connections to the group at the center of the story.
When reporting on Blueprint NC's leaked documents, WRAL was all over the story, with one exception: It somehow failed to mention in any of its stories that the owners of the station are deeply entangled with the left-wing group and some of its allies.
Democrats won't touch that arena because they know that most gun crimes are in cities with the toughest gun control laws.
The Prez is reported to have taken his wife and kids to church last Sunday (8/19) at a church near the WH. (I would guess it had to be a "Christian" church.) That would make the second or third (or maybe even fourth) time he has gone to church since he was anointed.