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Governor's Pat McCrory's Office released the following statement following President Obama's recent comments about North Carolina. The statement can be attributed to Josh Ellis, Communications Director for Governor Pat McCrory...
NC Speaker of the House, Paul "Skip" Stam, released an official statement offering to assist PayPal in finding a new state to do business in, since it has chosen to boycott NC
Diane Rufino makes the point that boycotts can work both ways, so let's put our good sense and our support of HB2 into practice and boycott Bruce Springsteen!
Diane Rufino writes an open letter to Governor Pat McCrory to thank him for his support and defense of HB2 ("Public Facilities Privacy & Safety Act")
As a TV talk show moderator my job is to ask questions. Lately, I've been fielding them, mostly about HB2.
Governor Pat McCrory's office issued the following statement on the ACLU's lawsuit on HB2