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Four classically liberal professors and an economist named Adam Smith walk into a room. No, this isn't the beginning of a bad joke; it was the first event of the Classical Liberals in the Carolinas conference held last week at Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte
Amendment lawyer Bussian suggests case against N&O actually sought to block critical coverage of crime lab's failures.
A letter dated July 22, sent by nine Democratic U.S. senators to John Locke Foundation President and CEO Kory Swanson and the heads of 21 other free-market public-policy organizations, restated accusations that the groups are part of a "web of denial" about the role of human activity in climate chan
In 2009, the General Assembly passed a law prohibiting online bullying of juveniles. The rarely-used law recently was struck down as unconstitutional, with the N.C. Supreme Court holding that the poorly worded law violates First Amendment free-speech rights
The 2016 election cycle is one of the wildest and strangest we've seen, especially the presidential contests. In recent days these campaigns have raised interesting questions about protest and disruption.
Students could face punishment, including the possibility of expulsion, for engaging in conscious acts stifling the First Amendment rights of others, and the UNC system would be required to implement free speech rules, under a plan Lt. Gov. Dan Forest hopes to turn into law.
The Founding Fathers might have been unable to create the foundations of a new American nation had they operated in today's climate of federal government harassment and intrusion into citizen privacy, a constitutional lawyer says
In an October decision, the state's highest court reinstated a ban on registered sex offenders using certain social media websites, finding that the ban as written does not violate the free speech protections in the First Amendment.
After the horrific, and latest Islamist Terrorist attacks in Paris, and in America, where some Patriots still understand the Islamist Terrorist threat, especially with 9/11 fresh in our hearts: What is the hypocrisy within Liberal Irony?
The Johnson Amendment was adopted to silence Churches in the political arena and the time has come when pastors need to stand up to the intimidation.
On Friday, September 11, the Civitas Institute Center for Law and Freedom joined several other state-based legal and policy organizations in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the freedom of employees to choose what political causes they support. In a joint amicus brief in the case of...
They say "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions," but that doesn't really describe the whole mechanism. The reason that good intentions can cause so many problems is because they lead to actions with unintended consequences.
The Supreme Court will have to clarify the implications of its Obergefell v. Hodges ruling with respect to the First Amendment
Stroll through a college campus, and you expect to hear debate about a range of good, bad, and even crazy ideas.
On June 26, in McCullen v. Coakley, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously struck down a Massachusetts law requiring pro-life activists to stay outside a 35-foot "buffer zone" around abortion clinics.
Public universities in North Carolina recognize a wide diversity of student groups, including those that have religious or other belief-based missions. This recognition enables student organizations to access university facilities and (sometimes) apply for funding.
The New York Court of appeals recently quashed a Colorado subpoena that would have forced a New York based reporter to testify in a Colorado court about the source of some information she reported concerning the 7/12/2012 Aurora Colorado theater massacre.
One of the inalienable rights of citizenship in this nation is the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and to petition for a governmental redress of grievances.
In DC, they are ignoring the guidelines laid out in The Constitution regarding legislative process. The Supreme Court has come up with creative dandies like "freedom of expression" as well as a "right to abortion."
In January 2012, the city decided they wanted to put a "transit center" and some spec commercial buildings on her property. Never mind the fact that Ms. Pfendler's successful tax-paying business -- employing dozens of area residents -- is already on the property.