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I would feel better about the future if I knew what was going to happen.
Teacher education will be a hot-button issue in North Carolina's gubernatorial race this year. Democrats accuse Republicans of disrespecting the teaching profession and thus discouraging college-bound students from pursuing education as a course of study
Obamacare's third annual enrollment period for health insurance is officially underway. Americans who do not have access to employer-sponsored health insurance, are self-employed, or have been dumped into the individual marketplace by their employers have the opportunity to sign up or renew their...
Are the humanities in trouble on American campuses? That is certainly the impression one gets from the media today; articles in publications of both left and right describe the increasing flight from the humanities into other disciplines.
Republican legislative leaders finally unveiled their proposed biennial state budget. (Geez, it's about time, folks.) The budget is now subject to votes by each legislative chamber and action by Governor McCrory.
Making progress on the establishment of two new schools, an enrollment of 30,000 students and the largest fundraising campaign in school history are among East Carolina University's priorities for this academic year, according to Chancellor Steve Ballard.
U.S. Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Thom Tillis (R-NC) introduced legislation to ensure that veterans, students serving in the armed forces, and their qualifying dependents, can take full advantage of the federal education benefits they have earned for themselves and their families.
Call me a starry-eyed optimist. I don't assume that those who disagree with me about school reform are out to destroy the education system. I assume they share my goal of expanding educational opportunities and getting a better rate of return on money spent on schools. We simply disagree about...
Until recently, I was a college "bubble hawk." I saw significant parallels between the housing bubble that triggered the Great Recession and higher education. I believed that the combination of easy student loan money, rapidly increasing tuition, "creative disruption" caused by education...
With close to 5,000 guests in attendance for Pirates Aboard! Admitted Student Day, campus was buzzing with activity on March 28. Future students and their families spent the day gathering information from financial aid, orientation, and campus life, touring campus and residence halls and engaging in
The bottom line is that the governor's budget would increase K-12 education spending by 2.8 percent, or $235 million more, than the 2014-15 N.C. state budget.
The bottom line is that the governor's budget would increase K-12 education spending by 2.8 percent or $235 million more than the 2014-15 budget.
Ron Mitchelson has been named provost at East Carolina University after serving in the role on an interim basis since last year. The ECU Board of Trustees made Mitchelson's position permanent at their meeting today. After a national search, Chancellor Steve Ballard selected Mitchelson from what...
Obamacare's original second enrollment period to #GetCovered has just about come to a close. (It was supposed to end on Sunday, but the administration announced this week that they will be opening a new special enrollment period during tax season.) The Obama Administration has been chirping...
The Division of Continuing Education at Beaufort County Community College will offer two sessions in oversize, overweight escort vehicle training on Tuesday, July 8, for those who want to add the endorsement to their driver's license.
In 2013, 33,000 businesses filed for bankruptcy in the United States. Such normal, healthy commercial losses perform a critical function in a robust market system. Firms that don't satisfy the wants of customers, attract patrons, and stay within their budgets fall by the wayside, opening the door fo
Beaufort County Community College will offer its first online degrees beginning with the Fall 2014 Semester, making it possible for students to obtain an associate's degree, diploma or certificate in one of several fields without having to travel to campus.
The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles issued photo IDs to 99 voters during the first nine days of the new year, a move that could indicate voters are preparing for the new requirement even though it does not take effect until 2016.
The Volunter Directory reports that across the country, there are thousands of organizations that rely on volunteers to answer the call every single day. Some are called emergency medical services (EMS) or perhaps first aid or rescue squads.
Facts can be such troublesome things. The mainstream media has been gushing over the "courage" shown by Senator Kay Hagan -- affectionately know in many quarters as Chuck Schumer's Sock Puppet™ – for her efforts to seek a delay in the ObamaCare enrollment deadline.
To understand and evaluate a university's effectiveness requires a lot of information. But rarely is that information brought together in one place.