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Today, the very groups that have been trying to trash North Carolina's economy and reputation have revealed why they're doing it: to help elect Roy Cooper
The North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) released the following statement on Bernie Sanders' endorsement of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, a state he won by 22 points in the Democrat primary
After an evaluation of the candidates for governor, including their records and their future plans for our state, The North Carolina Troopers Association endorsed Pat McCrory for a second term as governor of North Carolina
The Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee has issued a warning to voters about endorsements by small private clubs that some voters have misinterpreted as official endorsements by the party itself.
When you think of "chamber of commerce," Bob the insurance guy who lives down the street from you probably comes to mind. The US Chamber of Commerce is a whole different ball of wax.
Some folks will accuse us of being blind followers of the GOP this election season. I am hoping this particular installment of our endorsement series will put that to rest.
In a statewide automated phone call issued today, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory called on his supporters to "please give me the Lt. Governor I need to get the job done," as he proceeded to ask them to vote for Dan Forest for Lt. Governor.
The National Federation of Independent Business, the state's leading small-business association, said today that it has endorsed Dan Forest for lieutenant governor.
Early voting for the November 6, 2012 election begins on October 18. In anticipation of this, The Beaufort County Republican Party endorsed the following Republican candidates in the November 6 election at the regular monthly meeting of the Executive Committee.
Dan Forest, Republican nominee for NC Lt. Governor, today announced that Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition will travel to North Carolina for his campaign.
Dan Forest, Republican nominee for Lt. Governor today announced that former Arkansas Governor and host of Fox News Channel's "Huckabee Show", Governor Mike Huckabee will travel to North Carolina to stump Forest's election campaign.