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Legal analysts have given the opinion by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturning North Carolina's election reform law, including its voter ID requirement, mixed reviews.
Governor McCrory issued the following statement regarding legislation signed today to restore the right to sue for discrimination in state courts
Hyper-aggressive federal officials have taken the vague language in Title IX of the 1972 Education Act Amendments and treated it as if it gave them plenary authority to control anything on a college campus having in any way to do with sexual misbehavior
The raging debate over House Bill 2 won't end and has become a political football, only this is a not a game. Regardless of who started the fight or is continuing it, the plain and simple truth is that HB2 is damaging North Carolina.
In a meeting on April 19, the East Carolina University Faculty Senate unanimously passed a resolution of support for the university's nondiscrimination policy in objection to provisions of North Carolina's recent passage of House Bill 2.
I think that we are losing jobs, we are losing millions of dollars, and we have to make sure that we come together to find a way to get rid of this obstacle that we have put in front of ourselves as a state...
We've been witness to a level of ideologically driven mass media hysteria in recent weeks unseen since the Duke lacrosse rape hoax story
One day after the Human Rights Campaign criticized Governor Pat McCrory for his executive order extending the nondiscrimination policy for state employees to include sexual orientation and gender identity as a 'failure,' the Washington, D.C.-based organization praised Democrat Governor of...
In late February, the Charlotte city council passed a so-called antidiscrimination law, scheduled to go into effect on April 1, aimed at protecting what, in their view, are the rights of those in the gay, lesbian, and transgender community.
Who better to observe the Great Society programs than VN Vets now 70, retired, and no need to be politically correct?
Does the new bill limit or prohibit private sector companies from adopting their own nondiscrimination policies or practices?
In 49 states it is legal for an employer to pay an employee below minimum wage because the worker is disabled
The left has been howling about how the new voter reform law will discriminate against minority and young voters. Being a politically active college student myself, I decided to find out how hard it is to register to vote.
An anonymous complaint and student petition to oust the president of Martin Community College roused a mini-eruption at the close of last month. The complaint, a 10-page email titled "The Crisis State of Martin Community College," made the news in Greenville - the nearest major city to the...
Governor Pat McCrory issued an executive order today that requires equal employment opportunities for all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, disability and genetic information.
Racial preferences have never been popular among most Americans, and in fact they are becoming less and less popular.
The philosophy department at the University of Colorado at Boulder is in hot water. CU-Boulder's administration replaced the department chair, suspended graduate admissions for a year, and sent everyone to sensitivity training. What caused such draconian punishment?
Before it became ensconced in academia, feminism had a point. By the 1960s, sex roles in the United States were changing; traditional roles had become outmoded and constricting. Laws, habits, and customs needed to be updated  -  and they were.
One of the most famous phrases in American oratory is the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.'s statement in his March on Washington speech that he looked forward to the day when all people would be judged not on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character.
"The prosecutor is a racist and the first-degree, cold-blooded killer is a victim." This two-part statement is the claim of every legal appeal under the ill-conceived Racial Justice Act (RJA).