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Governor Pat McCrory and N.C. Department of Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson joined federal, state and local officials today to celebrate the opening of the next phase of the Fayetteville Outer Loop
Governor Pat McCrory and Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson toured the 10th Street Connector project in Greenville today to survey progress of construction currently underway
Governor Pat McCrory joined officials from the N.C. Transportation Department and CSX Corporation today at the Port of Wilmington to announce the debut of the new Queen City Express, an intermodal rail service between the Port of Wilmington and CSX's intermodal terminal in Charlotte
The success story of North Carolina's economy is in front of a world-wide audience, featured in a multi-page profile headlined North Carolina
Governor Pat McCrory's reforms to the Division of Motor Fleet Management are saving taxpayers $9 million by contracting with a fleet management company for the maintenance and repair of the division's 7,300 vehicles
The arrival of summer means vacation time for many, and airports stay busy. While we think of domestic airline service as being deregulated, the reality is that government decisions still play a role in where airlines fly
The state's controversial Map Act could be coming to an end, as the House on Wednesday adopted a bill placing a one-year moratorium on any new corridor maps from being filed under the act
The N.C. Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision this month in Kirby v. North Carolina Department of Transportation
Opponents of the proposed high-occupancy-or-toll lane project along Interstate 77 sense a bit of momentum after a bill ordering the N.C. Department of Transportation to cancel the project's contract overwhelmingly passed the House
The state House on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a bill that would put the brakes on the Interstate 77 high-occupancy or toll lanes project in Mecklenburg and Iredell counties
State Rep. Chris Millis, R-Pender, believes voters were misled into believing the $2 billion Connect NC bond referendum passed in March mainly will finance roads and bridges, and has introduced legislation to strip $490 million of bond funding from state universities and reallocate it for roads
North Carolina has received approval for the names of two new interstate route designations in the eastern part of the state. The American Association of State and Transportation Officials approved I-42 for the U.S. 70 Corridor between I-40 and Morehead City, and I-87 for U.S. 64/17 between...
Governor Pat McCrory joined officials from the Department of Transportation's Ferry Division today to officially christen the division's newest vessel, the Dredge Manteo
Transportation planners on Monday told a House committee that the cumulative gap between anticipated revenues and projected spending through 2040 would be about $60 billion
When America was a young country, the federal government had a much more prominent role to play in transportation than it does today. Federal transportation programs were heavily involved in the collaboration among the states to ensure consistent standards, interconnectivity of facilities, and...
The John Locke Foundation on Friday filed an amicus brief with the N.C. Supreme Court, urging the state justices to uphold an appeals court ruling in the Map Act case.
A United States District Court judge has ruled in favor of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and against the environmental groups seeking to stop construction of the Monroe Expressway.
As landowners wait to see if the N.C. Department of Transportation will appeal a recent decision enhancing property rights along highway corridors, lawmakers in Raleigh have filed bills that would limit the grip of the state's Map Act or eliminate it altogether.
Hundreds of North Carolinians who own property in swaths of land that the N.C. Department of Transportation has staked out for highways are awaiting action in state courts.
It's autumn, and like many citizens of North Carolina, my husband and I recently went to the mountains to view the splendor of the Appalachian leaf display. We purchased a bushel of North Carolina apples, ate at some of the local restaurants, and walked around the small towns in our state's...
When Harry Price, co-owner of the BesTreads tire retreading business in Davie County, picked up some tires for retreading under contract from the state Department of Transportation, he noticed that the treading on the used tires wasn't up to standard.
The Map Act is "like a drug" for the N.C. Department of Transportation, allowing the department to limit development and other uses of targeted properties until the time and price are right for DOT acquisition.
e're getting a lot of propaganda about the importance of beating Democrats this year. But HOW do you sell that idea when you have some Republicans who are as into statism as the Democrats are?
The North Carolina Map Act virtually freezes property development within proposed road corridors by blocking building permit and subdivision applications for up to three years.
North Carolina maintains one of the nation's most restrictive versions of the Map Act, which can freeze property development within proposed road corridors for years.
When politicians admit they don't know something, that makes me respect them more. Admitted ignorance is a sign of maturity, of a willingness to learn. It can be remedied with facts. What really does grave damage is when politicians think they know something and act on it - even when...
With another round of snow and ice expected again this afternoon for many parts of North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory along with Department of Transportation and Public Safety officials stressed the need to continue staying off the road and using extreme caution.
While the snow and sleet has ended for most of the state, the coastal counties could see an additional one to three inches of snow/sleet mixed through this afternoon.
Governor McCrory has proclaimed Sunday, December 1, as "Drive Safer Sunday" in North Carolina. The Sunday after the Thanksgiving holiday is traditionally one of the busiest travel days of the year.
Governor Pat McCrory announced today additional funding for Rural Planning Organizations (RPOs) that will assist the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) with transportation planning in rural areas across the state. NCDOT provides grants to help cover the cost of this work.