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After attending both major political conventions this summer, an East Carolina University sociology professor is shaping new research around large-scale protests and police response tactics.
A recent event hosted by the Libre Institute highlighted an issue that's gaining support across the ideological spectrum: Reforms in the criminal-justice system that would clean up the legal code, not only reducing penalties for nonviolent offenses but also removing many crimes from the books
Noah Phipps was awarded the Basics of Criminal Justice certificate from Beaufort County Community College
A recent TV documentary suggests that even murders and rapists need a second chance after rehabilitation and then return to society with job and social skills.
Mind Hunter answered HOW? The control group of serial killers created advanced Profiling techniques.
Military boot camp is a mild form of incarceration into a controlled group for quick sorting and training of the average guys entering the system.
Recent political candidates suggest rehabilitating prisoners instead of wasting everybody's time with simple incarceration. Apparently they think something is wrong and maybe they are correct.
Some presidential candidates are suggesting that changing the criminal justice system will solve our problems.
Governor Pat McCrory has selected Jeffery Foster of Winterville to fill a vacant superior court seat in Pitt County. The vacancy was created by the retirement of of Judge Rusty Duke.
Criminal Justice students at Beaufort County Community College had an opportunity this week to learn from Al Powell, a 30-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
A nationally recognized criminal justice reformer is confident North Carolina eventually will overturn a state law allowing 16- and 17-year-olds to be charged as adults, but acknowledges political resistance to the proposal remains.
Beaufort County Community College has scheduled the mandatory Pre-Orientation for its Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy for the Spring 2016 Semester. It will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday, December 7, 2015, in Building 10, Room 32 on BCCC's campus.
US Attorney General Eric Holder has been subjected to a good deal of criticism during his time in office, but even many of his fiercest critics have joined the chorus of praise for an order he signed last week entitled "Prohibition on Certain Federal Adoptions of Seizures by State and Local Law...
One question confronting North Carolina's criminal justice system more and more is: What should we do for a 16-or-17-year-old who genuinely makes a mistake, learned a lesson and most likely will never make that mistake again?
Many constitutionalists, libertarians and conservatives are justifiably angry with President Obama due to his recent executive decrees regarding firearms.
North Carolina is likely to see millions of dollars in net annual benefits over time, if lawmakers join almost every other state in making the juvenile justice system...