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The current legislative session has been hailed in most quarters as a success, yet much remains to be done
In spite of persistent, sustained efforts by grassroots Constitutional conservatives, a kangaroo court style proceeding removed Hasan Harnett as Chairman of the NC Republican Party on Saturday, April 30.
On Saturday, the NCGOPe tossed out the party's first black chairman and replaced him with a, um, "intellectually-challenged" white man who documentary evidence clearly demonstrates was clearly outperformed by said ousted black man.
During a recent book tour across North Carolina, I had occasion to visit with thousands of politically active people, most of them conservatives
West Liberty University (WLU) is the oldest college in West Virginia's state supported higher ed system. I have taught there since 2007 and was promoted to full professor last year
How do North Carolinians feel about their schools and how their children are educated? The November Civitas Poll provided plenty of good information about those topics.
Lately, tenure has come under heavy criticism, particularly from conservatives who maintain that it protects incompetent, ignorant, or indifferent teachers to the detriment of students
Finally. Now that the 2015 General Assembly has adjourned, there's a lot for conservatives to celebrate. This was a session built on the principles that started to turn the state around in 2011.
Conservatives seeking inspiration, guidance, and perhaps a few words of caution can find all that in "Conservative Heroes," the latest book from Raleigh businessman and author Garland S. Tucker III.
Among conservatives around the country, North Carolina has become a superstar - a place where innovative ideas, sustained investment, diligence, and political acumen have combined to produce an impressive string of hard-won victories.
Lately the media has made a huge issue of immigration, especially illegal immigration and the whole Anchor Baby issue.
A group of conservatives opposed to the death penalty have started raising awareness of their cause to state leaders.
Constitutional conservatives who are legal residents of North Carolina and who are 18 years old or older are invited to participate in New Bern in a state wide TEA Party Constitutional Caucus on Saturday, October 17, at the Double Tree Hotel located at 100 Middle Street.
On net, this year's final budget deal can be viewed positively by conservatives. Tipping the scales in favor of the spending plan include: a net tax cut of nearly $400 million over two years, allowing the renewable energy tax credit to expire, elimination of taxpayer support for the highly...
A greater reliance on federalism could help address key political concerns for both traditional conservatives and libertarians.
Conservatives and Republicans should avoid spending too much time asking who can win the White House in 2016. Instead they should identify the candidate who can lead once he's in office.
Stan has spurred me to further research over the Conservative / Liberal split. Unbeknownst to me a good old High School buddy supplied me with the ultimate answer!
True Conservatives understand why our country is falling apart. It's not that we lack the power and the ability to be the country we used to be; it's that our citizenry has willfully and ignorantly abandoned a moral imperative to defend our American ideals by living those ideals.
Here we go again. The conservatives (read Republicans) are taking a beating again.
Many have pointed to the lack of ethics in journalism these days. Many times I have bemoaned the fact that ethics has been replaced by bias, leftist agenda pushing, and the active hiding of any story that might be harmful to Democrats, the left, and the government.
Despite all the talk of a "war on science" being waged by political conservatives and Republican politicians - to match their supposed wars on women, men, the young, and the old, no doubt - North Carolina now features a shrill and relentless rhetorical war on social science by political...
After November 2012, when Pat McCrory was elected North Carolina's first Republican governor since 1992 and voters reelected a GOP majority in both legislative chambers for the first time since the 1860s, displaced Democrats, liberal editorialists, and left-wing activists began pursuing a...
Good constitutional structures are necessary, but not sufficient, to protect the American system of government. The nation needs civic virtue as well. That's the argument Robert George put forward in the 2014 John W. Pope Lecture at N.C. State University. George is McCormick professor of...
Here we go again. Or maybe I should say "Here they go again". "They" would be the Anointed One and his merry group of sycophants led by Ms. Reid's boy, Harry and Ms. Schumer's boy, Charlie.
Newspapers, activists and all who care about open government recently celebrated "Sunshine Week." Now it's time for North Carolina conservatives to make 2014 Sunshine Year.
Today, the American Conservative Union named Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) as a member of a select group of "House ACU Conservatives."
There's nothing worse than a complainer  -  except a complainer who expects someone else to solve a problem. So I have a challenge for conservatives who, with good reason, rail against the state of public education in North Carolina: If you truly believe individual responsibility is a fu
I wish I could comment: 'There are two types of people in this world - Liberals and Conservatives - so let battle begin for the conscious conscience of today's America!"
In part I of this two-part series on the shape and direction of education reform in North Carolina, we looked behind the education budget numbers. Now in Part II we discuss this year's legislative steps to address concerns about student achievement, teacher salaries and school vouchers.
Academia's leftist tilt creates unique challenges for conservative students. While liberal students are taught by faculty who largely share their political and ideological worldview, conservatives students are often forced to take courses from faculty who fundamentally reject their core beliefs.
In Raleigh, the conservatives are confidently progressive and the progressives are desperately conservative. The modern-day conservatives who inhabit the General Assembly, the executive branch...
The event's featured speaker, however, was none other than Glenn Beck, who delivered a riveting speech outlining exactly what is at stake in the government's concerted scheme to shut down political opposition.
If Neil Gross's analysis of the "why are professors liberal?" question is weak (as I argued here), his analysis of the "why do conservatives care?" question is appalling.
Why is it that the great majority of college professors are liberal (i.e., hold mostly to "progressive," pro-state ideas about politics and economics) and why should conservatives be concerned that they are?
Among the Pope Center's complaints about higher education is that professors devote much of their time to research that adds little or nothing to our understanding of the world...
North Carolina conservatives have embraced parental choice and competition as indispensable elements of education reform for decades. Now that conservatives are in the majority in state government, you can expect more proposals to...
Here's a shocker: The mainstream media is biased. The mainstream media here in North Carolina has taken a hit in recent years.
How many times have you tried to have a serious conversation about current events only to have your listeners say, "I'm not interested in politics"?
US Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) caught us all off guard with his announcement today about resigning his seat and taking over the presidency of The Heritage Foundation.
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