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Andrew Cox, a certified physician assistant, joined Vidant Family Medicine -- Belhaven, located at 216 Haslin Street, on March 22.
On 3-12-2015, Investigators with the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office Drug Unit arrested Delray Quincy Jennette, 41 years of age, of 670 Pine Street in Belhaven.
Recent media reports of declining revenue, lagging patient volume and reduced operating surplus have not slowed Vidant Health from plunging ahead with plans for numerous acquisitions, mergers and/or joint ventures, but to accomplish these goals Vidant needs an infusion of capital.
The Belhaven Hospital is closed, locked and being stripped of everything anyone may use to operate a hospital. Vidant the owner of the hospital business, also known as University Health Systems, presented the public with a reason.
We have just recently come into possession of two new video vignettes produced by Eric Blyer and Annabel Park from their upcoming documentary on the closing of Belhaven's Pungo hospital.
Stan, here is a video documenting Mayor O'Neal's walk, and below are the many articles and TV stories about it so far.
The latest from Belhaven, NC is not good news. After Vidant Health Inc. reached a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice and the North Carolina NAACP, a ally of Vidant Health called Pantego Creek, LLC announced that it would stand in the way of the hospital staying open.
If Vidant thought their "problem child" would go away quietly, never to be seen or heard from again, that was not the case last week in Hyde County, nor will it be next year.
State recreational water quality officials today lifted a water quality swimming advisory at a sound-side site in Beaufort County.
Plan now to join the BCCC Foundation for the 11th Annual Cutthroat Croquet Tournament to be held Saturday, May 17, along the waterfront in Bath beginning at 9 a.m. with a buffet luncheon catered by Chef Paul Cyr to be from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
After a long battle the Vidant Pungo Hospital has been given the opportunity to continue operations as a new organization. At a minimum, there will be an emergency room with other services to be determined by the new management.
Story of America contributors Eric Byler and Annabel Park are diligently preparing a documentary pursuant to Vidant's closing of Pungo District Hospital, and we have their first two installments here.
I suppose it's a good thing that several years ago we decided on a not-for-profit company (now Vidant) to take over the Washington Hospital and subsequently seemingly everything else "medical" in the County.
Vidant Health, officially known as University Health Systems, is no stranger to closing rural medical facilities. Since 2010 Vidant Health has closed three medical clinics in the following counties: Dare, Pitt and Beaufort.
The Division of Continuing Education at Beaufort County Community College announces that the entrance exam for its upcoming Nurse Aide II, or NA II, class at the Wilkinson Center in Belhaven will be given at 6 p.m., Wednesday, March 5, at the center.
Today, Vidant Health purchased 19.4 acres in Belhaven for a new multispecialty care clinic. The new, 12,000-square-foot facility will be located at 601 Old County Road, between the Post Office and the Food Lion shopping center, south of Highway 264. Design and construction is expected to be complete
Working together with elected officials and leaders from Hyde County, the Vidant Health Foundation today announced it will augment EMS services in the county by providing a $250,000 grant-in-aid to upgrade two medical emergency transport vehicles.
Here it is Tuesday evening, Sept 24, and I am driving into the quiet little town of Belhaven located in one of the most rural areas of northeast Beaufort County.
It is ironic that most of the same people and commissioners who are now expressing so much concern about Vidant closing the Pungo District Hospital are the same people who were Vidant's cheerleaders when we were trying to decide whether Vidant or Community Health Systems would be best for Beaufort C
The Beaufort County Commission held a special called meeting Monday (9-30-13) to discuss what they could do to help with the Pungo Hospital issue. Vidant is closing the facility and replacing it with an "urgent care" clinic that it says will operate 24/7/365.
If you are interested in a solution, it is important that you attend. Please pass the word. Your presence is requested.
We'll also be wearing 1920 fashion so dress up and join in on the fun! We'll have Flappers, Gangsters, Bootleggers, Daddies & Dames!
The community of Belhaven and vicinity rallied in support of keeping the Pungo Hospital open Thursday evening (9-5-13).
Recently, there has been a buzz about what is to become of Pungo District Hospital, now that Vidant Health, who served as a "White Knight" in 2011 and which may have extended the life of that Hospital, may be looking to cut its losses and close the facility.
The Beaufort County Commissioners were recently approached with a request to approve a study being performed to determine if Beaufort County would benefit from a County Tourism Authority.