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I have attached a copy of the death investigation report conducted by DHHS.
It has taken some 2 months to get there, but I finally got a first-hand look at our basement jail which has been the source of much discussion in recent months.
Until you have felt the sting of miscarried justice and been in a bad and filthy jail, you have no compassion for those in our County Jail right now! How many citizens have spent the night there and eaten the food to see what it really is???
No one has yet offered any kind of cash flow spreadsheet for the public to use in assessing the proposed jail to be built in Chocowinity.
We want to commend Mr. Klemm for finally trying to explain his position on the jail. The problem is, his position is both a distortion of the truth and a faulty
There is an abundance of information. It is here, it is there, it is everywhere. Sometimes I feel like I am floating in a sea of information, reports, news programs, writings and whispered messages.
Today, Beaufort County GOP Chairman Keith Kidwell announced he will run for Beaufort County Commissioner. In his announcement, Chairman Kidwell emphasized that the County needs a leader with business, budgeting and executive experience.
One of the most frequent criticisms we hear about the decision by the Gang of Four (Langley-D, Booth-D, Belcher-D and Klemm-RINO) to build a new jail/law enforcement complex in the Chocowinity Industrial Park is that they did not, and have not, considered all of the alternatives.
The Beaufort County Jail is a big issue these days, and that's a shame. There are so many more problems with the Sheriff's Department that the jail is actually distracting attention from addressing those problems.
The Beaufort County Jail Construction Committee met on October 3 at 4:00 PM in the commissioners meeting room on West Third Street. Members present were Al Klemm, Jerry Langley, Robert Belcher and Ed Henry.
Sheriff Jordan is still whining and barking about Commissioner Hood Richardson. Jordan is a slow learner.
When reason gets stretched to the breaking point I start asking myself " What does everybody else know that I do not know?"
An incident last week in the Beaufort County Jail has profound significance, in our opinion. Sheriff Alan Jordan severely abused his authority by having a Beaufort County commissioner forcibly removed from the jail simply because the commissioner disagreed with a decision that was proposed.
It begins with public comments, followed by a report from the board's Public Works Director on repairs to the jail and concludes with the defeat by the Gang of Four of Commissioner Gary Brinn's motion to submit the issue to a vote of the people.
The three Democrat Commissioners on Beaufort County Commission were joined by RINO (Republican In Name Only) Al Klemm to make a three to four majority to kill a motion by Commissioner Gary Brinn to submit the question of whether to build a new jail to a referendum of the voters in the May Primary.
Beaufort County commissioners voted have the jail open one day each week while prisoners are out of town and providing it did not interfere with repairs so the public could see what their jail looks like.
Like the Energizer Bunny, the Beaufort County Jail story just keeps going, and going.
The Beaufort County Board of Commissioners, meeting in a special called meeting Tuesday (6-18-13), heard reports from its staff about what caused the problems that resulted in the county jail being evacuated.
The Saturday (6-8-13) front page and Sunday (6-9-13) editorial of the Washington Daily News is a fine example of how facts can be misinterpreted and spun to fit a political agenda.
There is enough political spin about the jail to create two or three tornadoes. Political spin is a polite way of shading the truth to support a certain point of view.
The Governor just last week swung a deal to give away Dorothea Dix to allow it to become a park to attract visitors to Raleigh.