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The North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) today released the following statement ahead of Tim Kaine's campaign stop in Asheville
When North Carolina Democrats Jim Hunt and Rufus Edmisten were running their races for U.S. Senate and governor in 1984, they kept as far away as they could from the Democratic nominee for president, Walter Mondale
Governor Pat McCrory and First Lady Ann McCrory are inviting the public to enjoy the warmer weather during the annual Spring Open House at the North Carolina Governor's Western Residence...
Governor Pat McCrory is encouraging citizen participation in four additional public hearings in coming weeks to offer feedback on a new monument on State Capitol grounds to commemorate the achievements of African Americans
Folks in New Hanover County have Tammy Covil. Out in the Asheville area, they've now got former county board of education member Lisa Baldwin.
The city of Asheville and customers living outside the city who rely on Asheville for their drinking water long have had a contentious relationship. The issue was again before the state's second highest court in October, this time over whether a law passed in 2013 taking control of the water...
Crediting budget reforms made by the recent session of the General Assembly, Gov. Pat McCrory announced on Thursday the acceleration of four major transportation projects, including the final leg of the eastern section of the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway, the Asheville Connector, The I-485 and Wed
They say that some of the best exercise you can get is riding a bicycle. It helps to burn calories as well as provide cardio vascular conditioning
In the age of Uber, Lyft, and numerous other "concierge"-style services that use technology as a business base, there is Airbnb - the online bed-and-breakfast rental option.
Governor Pat McCrory and First Lady Ann McCrory are lighting the Executive Mansion in Raleigh and the Western Residence in Asheville pink Friday night to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Technological innovation changes industries. How fast such better ideas take hold often depends on government actions. And while new technologies raise difficult questions, poor economic logic never should be the justification for clamping down on new ideas.
Governor Pat McCrory hosted active duty, reserve and guard members' and their families at the Governor's Western Residence on Saturday to celebrate Military Family Appreciation Day. The event included lunch, live music performances, professional family photos and various activities for kids.
Governor Pat McCrory and First Lady Ann McCrory will light the Executive Mansion and Western Residence in blue tomorrow after sunset to observe World Down Syndrome Day. The residences will be illuminated until midnight.
As Republicans begin their fourth year leading our state legislature it is fair to assess how they and we are doing under their control.
Can you remember those car ads that tried to lure us into purchasing the new model proclaiming, "this is not your father's Oldsmobile?" The brand disappeared, now little more than a memory.
Why bother having elections? We have these unelected law school graduates in black robes regularly stomping all over the will of the people and their elected officials.
One of the Tar Heel State's more significant Tea Party organizations - Asheville Tea PAC - has stepped forward with a recommendation that voters write in the name of former Mecklenburg County legislator John Rhodes for US Senate.
Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker announced today that Linamar North Carolina, Inc., is expanding operations in Buncombe County.
Governor Pat McCrory signed Senate Bill 3 into law today at the Governor's Western Residence in Asheville. The bill modifies the Job Maintenance and Capital Development (JMAC) Fund.
Have recent education reform measures approved by the N.C. General Assembly discouraged college students in our state from entering the teaching profession? Some folks seem to think so. In this week's CommenTerry, I take a closer look at the issue.
The details have been scrubbed from The Internet, but -- thanks to resources like The Wayback Machine -- nothing is ever truly GONE from cyberspace.
I worked in the area of Insurance Estate Tax planning with a Series 6 Securities License as well.
Governor Pat McCrory congratulated GE Aviation today at a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the company's new $125 million advanced composites factory near Asheville in Buncombe County. GE is a global leader in jet engine and aircraft system production.
When I go on the air or in front of audiences to discuss North Carolina's sluggish economy, one response I often hear is that the problem isn't really statewide. The state's major metropolitan areas are doing fine, I am assured, while it's the rural areas that are truly struggling to produce new...
Due to North Carolina's rich resource of both mountains and beaches, tourists and vacationers, as well as medical patients have visited the state for vacation and for well-being.
An Asheville native, Thomas Wolfe emerged as one of the early-twentieth century's most controversial writers. His meandering writing style irritated many editors, who nevertheless recognized a diamond in the rough and published his work.
In response to inquiries, the Department of Health and Human Services confirmed today that it has suspended the license of a medical clinic in Asheville, N.C, which specializes in abortions.
Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker announced today that GE Aviation, a global leader in jet engine and aircraft system production, will be expanding its manufacturing operations at four facilities in North Carolina.
There's just something about Asheville and boobs. The other day, we get the big boob himself from DC in town.
Nestled in the bosom of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, a thriving mountain city beckons to those in search of alleviation and adventure.