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I retired from the construction industry after the 2008 crash. The Navy trained me as an Electronics Technician during my Viet Nam service. We have one daughter and three grandchildren. "Stay out of the way" is my new goal.
I harbor no deep thoughts about politics or organized religion but consider myself a moderate Republican and moderate Baptist.

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After work we spent time in the berthing compartment (like a warehouse full of bunk beds). Near me was a small group of Cajuns (Louisiana French) who somehow knew each other from maybe a biker gang.
This skill is not part of the Memory Championship but 70 per cent of us suffer with No Sense of Direction.
If you do play poker, the principal show here can be adapted for most any other need.
Not to complain but for the last 50 years politicians have offered me nothing.
My cousin Al was 50 years old owning 3000 acres of farm land in South Georgia barely making a living when the State ran an expressway through the middle of his land.