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ECU News Services

The ECU News Service is an independent reporting service that covers events, issues and stories for the university community. We publish at and on our news blog, ECU Now, at

We also work with colleges and departments to get university news to media outlets and work with reporters and news directors covering events, topics and issues that involve ECU.

The News Service has a communications role on the university’s emergency response team. Those duties include crafting and sending ECU alerts and providing public updates during weather or public safety emergencies.

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Chasing June bugs, examining abandoned mud dauber nests and collecting tree droppings highlighted the first few hours of a weeklong East Carolina University summer institute for elementary school science teachers
After attending both major political conventions this summer, an East Carolina University sociology professor is shaping new research around large-scale protests and police response tactics.
Curtis Frye '74 has had little downtime since being named an assistant coach for the U.S. Olympic men's track team
Students from the department of nutrition sciences are teaching at-risk youth the importance of healthy lifestyle choices as a partner in the Love A Sea Turtle (L.A.S.T.) program held at River Park North this summer.