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Worst Governor In America Endorses Cooper

Press Release:

    Raleigh, N.C. - The Raleigh News & Observer reports that Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, the most unpopular governor of one of the heaviest taxed states in America, has endorsed Roy Cooper.

    "The fact that failed Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy is endorsing Roy Cooper is all anyone needs to know," said Ricky Diaz, Governor McCrory's campaign spokesman. "Under Governor Malloy's failed policies, Connecticut is facing a $960 million budget shortfall crisis while North Carolina has a $450 million budget surplus and one of the fastest growing economies under Governor McCrory's leadership. No amount of false attacks from Dan Malloy, or Andrew Cuomo for that matter, will stop the mass exodus of their residents to North Carolina to escape their failed, high tax policies."

    Roy Cooper was not there to receive Malloy's endorsement because he did not attend the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia this week.

  • Contact: The Pat McCrory Committee

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