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Press Release:
The College of The Albemarle Performing Arts Center will present the musical "King David (Sweet Psalmist of Israel)" June 24 - July 1. This production, by composer Gloria Emmerich, features a cast of 30.

The cast has been staging the show and rehearsing choreography and music since May 2. Early in the story young David is anointed to one day be king of Israel by the prophet Samuel. Soon, David finds himself on the battlefield where, to everyone's amazement, he slays the giant... (read more)
Press Release:
If you're anything like us, you've sat at the table admiring your bacon thinking, "This is good bacon. But is it really the best bacon?" Well, you can put your bacon cogitations to rest by coming to Uptown Greenville's Umbrella Market at Five Points Plaza this Wednesday, May 25, at 5:30.

If you want to be part of one of the most exciting porcine events to come downtown in the history of Greenville, you might want to get here early. Tickets are $10 each, and only 70 will be sold... (read more)
News Release:

No matter what age or interests a person has, almost everyone loves bears! It is a little known fact that the biggest black bears on the planet and the highest black bear densities in the world are not found in Canada or Alaska, but in coastal North Carolina! Mild winters, abundant crops and extensive forests and swamps are the reason that 700 lb. black bears are not uncommon. To recognize and celebrate our bears and educate our guests about this important North Carolina native... (read more)
News Release:

As part of 10th St Connector roadway improvements - 10th St between Evans and Dickinson will be closed. Closure of this section of the road will begin on or about May 27th, 2016. This roadway will remain closed for the remainder of the project. Detours will be posted.

For further information, please contact NCDOTs resident engineer at 252 830 3495.

Please note the following closures at the Five Points Plaza:

- Saturday, May 14 at 6am-12pm for the EC VELO Family Bik... (read more)
News Release:

Saturday, June 4, 2016 National Trails Day Hike10:00 am

To celebrate National Trails Day a ranger will be leading a leisurely one-mile hike along the Pamlico River and out to Mallard Creek. The hike will highlight large live oak trees draped in Spanish moss, a mixed hardwood forest carpeted with a lush grassy understory and scenic stops along the water's edge. Please meet the ranger at the swim beach parking lot.

Friday, June 10, 2016 Funyaking10:00 am

Meet at the swim ... (read more)


News and Information

Press Release:
Raleigh, N.C. The 2016 Wellness & Safety Expo connected thousands of state employees and retirees with community resources that promote a safe and healthy lifestyle.

The event took place Wednesday inside the Jim Graham Building at the N.C. State Fairgrounds.

"We want state employees to keep wellness and workplace safety a priority," said Neal Alexander, Director of the Office of State Human Resources. "We care about their well-being. The expo increases their awareness of wor... (read more)
Press Release:
UPTOWN GREENVILLE, N.C. Coastal Fog, a homewares and design studio that offers custom finishing and creative workshops in the historic Blount-Harvey building on Evans and Fourth streets, is adding a food and kitchen market aimed at providing a gathering place for Uptown patrons.

The Market @ Coastal Fog will occupy the former space of Jefferson's Florist in the same building.

"Offering simple, delicious and nourishing food with the highest quality sustainably sourced coffee,... (read more)
Press Release:
 Raleigh, N.C. Governor Pat McCrory has selected Beth Freshwater Smith of Wilson to fill a vacant district court seat in the 7th District (Nash, Edgecombe and Wilson counties). The vacancy was created by the resignation of Judge William G. Stewart. Smith will serve the remainder of Judge Stewart's term, which runs through December 31, 2016.

 Smith is currently the Senior Assistant District Attorney for the 7th District, where she has worked as a prosecutor since 1987. ... (read more)
News Release:

Raleigh, N.C. Governor Pat McCrory released the following video message honoring Memorial Day. The governor recorded the video from the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA located in Wilmington.

"On this Memorial Day, we honor the men and women who paid the ultimate price to defend the rights and freedoms we enjoy every day as Americans," said Governor McCrory. "We will never waiver from honoring our fallen and missing soldiers and supporting our veterans, active duty military members ... (read more)
Publisher's note: The author of this post is Barry Smith, who is an associate editor for the Carolina Journal, John Hood Publisher.

Critics say Wake wants to undermine public school choice
RALEIGH - Some members of the Wake County Board of Education have joined the list of education policymakers hoping to find the same flexibility for traditional public schools that charter schools enjoy, though some school choice supporters are suspicious of the board members' motives.

Charter schools are ... (read more)


Weather Events

News Release:

Good Evening:

The Wind and Wind gust are successfully flooding many areas along both sides of Pungo and Pamlico Rivers. The listing below does not account for many of the side roads off of these roads. Water depths can vary from two inches to three feet or more. We have had scattered power outages around the County and these will continue throughout tomorrow until the winds change direction or diminish. In light of this situation we have sent out a Hyper-Reach message to... (read more)
Press Release:
Impacts not as severe as predicted, black ice still a threat
Raleigh, NC — Governor Pat McCrory briefed citizens from the State Emergency Operations Center Thursday morning on the response to last night's snowfall across the state.

"It's not often that the entire state of North Carolina sees significant snowfall like we've seen this week," Governor McCrory said. "While it is beautiful, it also can be dangerous causing downed trees, power outages and treacherous driving ... (read more)
Press Release:

Good Morning to all:

I would like everyone to think about what our First Responders have been through in the last 96 hours. Our Firefighters, EMT's 911 Dispatchers and Law Enforcement Community have responded to Tornados, Sever Thunderstorms and now a major fire yesterday afternoon through early morning hours of today. The fire at First Christian Church on Second Street here in Washington was a tragic event, however, through the efforts of our fire fighters no other structu... (read more)
News release:

Good Morning:

The Good News in the Weather: There is a 70% chance that it won't rainout our Fourth of July holiday and Fireworks demonstrations.

The immediate news is not so good. A Flood Watch basically indicates conditions are at a point that flooding could begin with the next heavy shower that comes into Beaufort County. Parts of Beaufort County have seen rainfall six straight days and will likely see more rainfall over the next two to three days. It will not take much... (read more)
News release:

Good Morning:

Weather at a glance for today and Saturday through Sunday: Hot (80 to 90 degrees); Humid (70% to 90%); Precipitation (Often); Amount (Varying 2 -3 inches). Where (Anywhere in Beaufort county); Winds (Gusting as high as 50mph in TS); Severe Weather (Possible to Certain for Thunder Storms) and some Storms will be hazardous to your health. Typical weather for our area, however, not for seven or eight days in a row!

General Weather Hazards: The ground has b... (read more)


Regional Spirit

This clip is from 1986, Al Albert's Showcase based in Philadelphia. It was a talent show for local kids.

If the name Al Albert rings a bell, you are probably a bit older than the average reader demographic of BCN. Al was a member of the The Four Aces singing group. Their biggest hit was "Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing". It won an Academy Award in 1955.

Spike Jones and his City Slickers sang the song in 1948 in their act, but it was ready made for a child's version which is below.

Melis... (read more)
Just this past weekend, December 12, 2015, I experienced a fine local production of Peter Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, by the Greenville, North Carolina based NC Academy of Dance Arts / Dance Arts Theatre, featuring guest performers from the New York Ballet and the Washington Ballet intermingled with local dancers, including those from East Carolina University. The Nutcracker was held at Wright Auditorium at the center of ECU's original campus.
The party in the great hall of the home of Mayor Silb... (read more)
In this most eclectic mix-bag of videos, we stay in the holiday spirit, as we move ever closer to Christmas Day. Joining us is a mirthful James Taylor (actually from Carrboro / Chapel Hill, NorthJames, Alex, Kate, Livingston, (father) Ike Taylor in Carrboro 1952 Carolina, a place where the creative grist of a great many of his best tunes originate), the always preposterous Dr. John with Leon Redbone (long one of my favorites from my personal Christmas compact disc, but alas no videos, save thi... (read more)
Publishers note: Merry Christmas and WOW; I just searched BCN's TV Database, and it certainly does trump BCN's Video Search as to what may be best to use to better construct a more visually appealing post which will be used for this, and many Christmases to come.

Consequently, expect this post to change as time permits.

It is my wife's fault that I do watch, and enjoy Downton Abbey. Her indomitable influence drew me into the nuanced drama of the Crawley family's ups and downs, and the ma... (read more)