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Governor McCrory Thanks Voters for Passing Connect NC Investments

News Release:

    Raleigh, N.C.     Governor Pat McCrory is touring the state today to thank the people of North Carolina and celebrate the passage of the $2 billion Connect NC bond proposal. The governor made stops at Jordan Lake State Park and North Carolina A&T University and will visit Central Piedmont Community College later today.

    "The people of North Carolina sent a strong message to the nation that working together can make a difference," Governor McCrory said. "This was a bi-partisan effort with Republicans and Democrats from the mountains to the coast, both in the legislative and executive branches, coming together to accomplish something that will have a significant impact for the next generation."

    The governor extended thanks to the General Assembly, the bipartisan Connect NC Committe and the people of North Carolina for making Connect NC possible.

Governor McCrory addresses supporters at Jordan Lake State Park surrounded by members of the North Carolina National Guard, students and state park officials. Jordan Lake State Park will receive $3 million from Connect NC.
    The Connect NC bond will invest $980 million into the state's 17 universities. The vast majority of these improvements will build facilities that will improve teaching and research in the science, technology, engineering and medical fields. An additional $350 million will go to the community colleges, primarily for new construction, repairs and renovations on its 58 campuses.

    Another $309.5 million will be awarded to smaller cities and towns to build and repair water and sewer systems. These investments are crucial to retaining and attracting new jobs outside of the state's metro areas.

    Agriculture and consumers will benefit from Connect NC. Approximately $94 million will be spent to construct a new Agriculture and Consumer Sciences Lab for veterinary, food, drug and motor fuel testing. An additional $85 million will go toward a new Plant Sciences Research Complex at NC State University.

Governor McCrory addresses supporters at North Carolina A&T University surrounded by public safety and education leaders. NC A&T will receive $90 million for an engineering facility from Connect NC.
    The National Guard will receive $70 million to rehabilitate Regional Readiness Centers in Burke and Wilkes counties as well as construct a new readiness center on Guilford County. Another $9 million will go toward the competition of the Samarcand Corrections and Law Enforcement Training Center in Moore County.

    To improve North Carolina's quality of life as well as help preserve the state's environment and natural beauty, the Connect NC bond will invest $75 million into our state parks. An additional $25 million will go the North Carolina Zoo for upgrades to service support facilities, trails and exhibits. its long-term growth.

    "Now it's my job as governor to make sure we spend the money in the most efficient way possible so we can get the best value for the taxpayers of North Carolina," Governor McCrory said.

    For highlights from Governor McCrory's visit to Jordan Lake, click here or the image below.

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    For a Connect NC project list by region, click here.

    Contact: Crystal Feldman

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