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North Carolina Gets Ready for Possible Winter Storms

Press Release:

    Raleigh, N.C. - Ahead of a winter storm that will enter North Carolina Wednesday, Governor Pat McCrory has ordered state agencies to begin preparations for possible treacherous travel conditions.

    This afternoon, Department of Transportation crews began brining operations on interstates and major highways and their ramps, as well as bridges. Crews will resume the brining process after morning rush hour on Wednesday.

    "North Carolina is in store for the coldest temperatures of the season," Governor McCrory said. "The weather can change in an instant so we will prepare for the worst and hope for the best."

    Meteorologists have issued a winter weather advisory for the mountains from Wednesday morning until Thursday morning due to the expected 1-3" snow accumulation and black ice. Light snow showers could leave a possible dusting on grassy surfaces tomorrow across portions of the Piedmont.

    North Carolina Emergency Management officials and meteorologists across the state also are monitoring another storm that could bring more frozen precipitation late Thursday into Friday.

    Updated weather and road conditions can be found on or via the ReadyNC mobile app.

    While neither storm at this point is expected to bring large amounts of snow nor ice, nor cause widespread power outages, public safety officials said this is a good time to review winter safety tips:

    Keep alternative heating sources prepared. If you have a fireplace, store a good supply of dry, seasoned wood. Keep fire extinguishers on hand, and make sure your family knows how to use them.

    Do not use charcoal grills or generators indoors; the fumes can be deadly.

    Turn off electrical appliances that were on when the power went off to avoid a power surge when the electricity is restored.

    Use flashlights. Do not use candles; they greatly increase the chance of having a fire in your home.

    Limit your activities to no more than two rooms and close off unneeded rooms.

    Stuff towels or rags in cracks under doors and cover windows at night to keep cold air out and warm air in.

    If you have well water, fill up tubs and buckets with water so if the power goes out you still have water.

    Remember to eat and drink regularly. Food provides the body with energy to produce its own heat.

    Keep the body replenished with fluids to prevent dehydration.

    Wear layers of loose fitting, lightweight, warm clothing. Layering clothes keeps you warmer than a single layer of heavy clothing. Remove layers to avoid overheating, perspiration and subsequent chill.

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