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Does Deborah Ross Think Hillary Clinton Is Truthful On The Email Scandal?

Press Release:

    Raleigh, NC     Following Hillary Clinton's press conference this afternoon where she once again contradicted FBI Director James Comey's statements regarding her email scandal, the Burr campaign calls on Deborah Ross to state whether she believes Hillary Clinton has misled the American people in her public statements.

    Both The Washington Post and PolitiFact have rated Clinton's comments with "Four Pinocchio's" and a "Pants on Fire" respectively. Despite the national attention, Ross has never stated whether she feels Hillary Clinton was truthful regarding the email scandal.

    New today, Clinton claims she might have "short-circuited" her answer, but still maintains that she has been truthful with the American people.

Statement from the Burr campaign:

  • "Deborah Ross has a well documented aversion to answering tough questions and no question will be more difficult for her than whether Hillary Clinton has lied to the American people about her email scandal. Ross owes North Carolinians an answer as to whether she believes Clinton-a candidate she has campaigned side by side with in North Carolina-has been honest in her public statements regarding the scandal."

    • Contact: Jesse Hunt

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