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Our Founding Principles  

This ongoing examination into what influenced the United States of America to become a nation of such profound greatness is a group effort. Please join us.


An amendment to replace the States' influence in the federal government since the 17th Amendment was adopted.
The United States Constitution, in Article V, allows for such remedy to bring the Federal government more into compliance of the vision of our Founding Fathers, relative to innate needs of citizenry.
North Carolina will be challenged to support a convention of states to amend the U.S. constitution. You need to understand both side of this issue.
Mark Levin, who wrote an excellent book "The Liberty Amendments" to urge states to call for an Article V Convention to propose constitutional amendments to restore the federal government back to some sort of constitutional limits, calls Nullifiers "kooks."
To know your Constitution - questions for Constitution Day (to learn about the Constitution).
Considering that the foundation of government in our country is based on the Constitution, wouldn't it make more sense to teach lawyers how best to preserve its integrity rather than inspire them to help dismantle it?