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It's Personal  

This space is carved out of our digital presence to give our most usual contributors some space to relate what is important to them in a format that is quite personal.


With a nod to Bob Dylan, the words they are a-changin', and I find plenty of the changes disconcerting.
Ah yes, Daylight Saving Time is here, but I try not to let that change affect my morning routine.
Can you believe it? The Rolling Stones put on 15 US concerts in 2015, one of which was at Georgia Tech's Bobby Dodd stadium.
I am now age 68. Since I was age 30, I have suffered from a chronic prostate. It is a direct result of stress and dealing with a small town Baptist church in the beginning!
Now for the resolutions ... on second thought, forget the resolutions; however ...
What may be worse is that good men have no reason to exist without them. No reason at all: From conception until that dark void of eternal salvation or damned oblivion, good men need the nurturing emotional salve of that rare good women.
Thirty-four years ago today, this young man took a giant step toward improving his prospects for a good and purposeful life: I married Lynn Womble.
I know there are many wonderful mothers residing in this region, however, my personal best is my wife, Lynn, and for good reason.
Now how could such a loving caring cat be just a cat?!
A Poem about being a Silly Dilly
Darla reserves a special spot in our hearts. She deserves a worthy mention now.