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Our GUY IN CHARGE — editor and publisher Brant Clifton — has marched to the beat of a different drum from very early in life. The grandson of a Democrat party machine boss, Mr. Clifton registered Republican at 18 and campaigned for Ronald Reagan and George Bush. He worked for the late U.S. Senator Jesse Helms in Washington during and right after college. Mr. Clifton took on the liberal media as an analyst with The Media Research Center, then jumped into a lengthy career with the ‘drive-by media.’ His work has appeared in local newspapers in The Carolinas. He has done on-camera work for ABC’s Good Morning America, and print work for national publications such as US News & World Report and People magazine. Mr. Clifton has also worked as a correspondent for AP, UPI, Reuters and Agence France Presse.

Well, it's over. For all the talk about the Trump Revolution and a desire to send The Establishment a message - we got very little action to support ANY of that.
Gov. Pat McCrory is firing back at the US DOJ for their ridiculous demands to drop gender restrictions on bathrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms.
On Saturday, the NCGOPe tossed out the party's first black chairman and replaced him with a, um, "intellectually-challenged" white man who documentary evidence clearly demonstrates was clearly outperformed by said ousted black man.
Bill Barber got tossed off an airplane. (No, it wasn't in mid-air.) Single-handedly, Lardbutt probably pissed off MORE people on this airplane than HB2 could ever hope to, period.
It's interesting that Gov. McCrory is taking heat for the passage of the so-called "bathroom bill." He was opposed to the idea of a special session.
Chief Justice John Roberts has allowed the lower court ruling on North Carolina's congressional districts stand.
In a surprise move, the actual elected chairman of the state Republican Party resurfaced to comment on the issues we raised in yesterday's post on the upcoming NCGOP convention.
A frustrated parent. A frustrated teacher. And a frustrated education policy-maker. That pretty well sums up the field of Republican candidates for state education superintendent who made their way to Pinehurst Thursday night for a candidate forum.
What started out as a mission to tweak a few districts to bring the 1st and 12th congressional districts in line has resulted in radical change for a lot more voters and some political favors (as well as hits).
We lost a great man this weekend. He was one of the few souls left in our nation's capital who still believed our Constitution is worth respecting and paying attention to.
It's been a four year wait, but it looks like we're finally seeing the Cooper regime at the Department of Justice DO SOMETHING.
I had the chance, for the first time ever, to communicate directly with the chairman of the NCGOP.
With the passage of the recent Omnibus travesty, word leaked out that the legislation could QUADRUPLE the amount of guest worker visas issued per year.
What IS a Republican? Is it merely someone who marks an 'R' on their voter registration card? Is it someone who seeks to protect the common people from the excesses of government bureaucracy?
Folks in New Hanover County have Tammy Covil. Out in the Asheville area, they've now got former county board of education member Lisa Baldwin.
The Democrats' victory, and Republican Ryan's defeat, was garishly displayed when his omnibus got more Democratic votes in the House and in the Senate than it got Republican votes.
Don't you just love it when politicians who know NOTHING about a subject try to lecture people who DO KNOW something about a subject? Law enforcement and military folks get more than their fair share of it. And so do businesspeople.
A key Senate Republican is looking into whether Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) discussed classified information during Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate.
We've provided a lot of coverage to the saga of Gene Nichol, the alleged law professor at UNC, who appears to do little more with his six-figure salary than publish articles bashing Republicans.
It's come out that at least one of the San Bernardino shooters pledged allegiance to ISIS prior to partaking in the slaughter of those innocent people at the county building.
Six people sat down on a Raleigh street - connected by PVC pipe (for some reason) a little while back to protest the actual enforcement of immigration laws by the state.
One of Sydney Howard's favorite childhood memories is helping her grandmother, Rep.Julia Howard, campaign for political office.
East Carolina University today opened a new 3D design and prototyping center and announced the start of a workforce-development program that strengthens students' skills and promotes economic development.
This phenomenon has been spreading across the country - from campus to campus - whipping up a liberal frenzy just in time for election season. The developments have me drawing comparisons to George Orwell's classic "Animal Farm''.
The ruling class is working overtime to convince us to allow them to shake even more change from our pockets to fund their vote-buying and other misadventures. IF ONLY they worked this hard to get government out of our lives and cut taxes.
Well, the Second District GOP primary race for 2016 is getting7_number to be quite a crowded affair. We've all known incumbent Renee Ellmers was running for reelection. We've known about challengers Jim Duncan, Kay Daly and Frank Roche.
The state Senate's big kahuna went in front of the biggest, most-prominent Common Core-loving, spend-more-and-more-and-more money crowd and told them a few things I am SURE they didn't want to hear.
For those of you who don't know -- NC Spin is a little show broadcast each week, aired in the wee hours of the morning on obscure stations, and hosted by Tom "Grandpa" Campbell.
Congressional Republicans say they are short of the votes for raising the debt limit and avoiding a first-ever government default. With barely a week before deadline, there's no plan on what to do.
Politicians never cease to amaze me. A few sessions back, I was treated to a barrage of b*tching from various Republican legislators about Skip Stam and Thom Tillis.
Conservatives just helped oust a speaker who was okay with the Wall Street bailout, debt ceiling increases, and amnesty for illegals.
It appears - according to some email that got sent out today - that Tim and Phil are concerned about how the search for a new UNC president is going.
In 2014, things at NCGOP HQ appeared to be all about Thom. This year, they appear to be all about Pat.
We hear a lot of lip service from Republicans in Raleigh about the beauty of the free market.
THAT is the spin being circulated by the establishment in the wake of John Boehner's resignation from Congress.
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