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In this category, we will examine every campaign mailer that has the markings of a "hit piece" sent out by a unscrupulous politician, who has designs on serving himself, and his special interest masters, rather than his true constituents, in any center of government important to the people in this region that we serve. Within this sphere of interest, we will examine every political editorial and campaign material that is baseless and without merit, and please be aware of this one truth: Our determinable reaction will be somewhat less than kind, but unlike the loathsome "Hit Piece," it will be based on facts.

The North Carolina Republican Party today released the following statement ahead of Tim Kaine's campaign stop in North Carolina
The North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) released the following statement in response to Roy Cooper's latest actions, which have proven his ultimate lack of responsibility as a prosecutor as well as his over zealous behavior with taxpayer money
The Pat McCrory Committee today launched its second TV ad of the campaign. "Legacy" contrasts Roy Cooper's legacy as a 30-year politician inside state government with Governor McCrory's record of results
After Attorney General Roy Cooper admitted he does not intend to uphold his sworn and legal obligation to defend North Carolina's common sense voter ID law in court, Governor McCrory called on Roy Cooper to forgo his salary and reimburse taxpayers for the cost of hiring outside counsel to do his job
Sitting in the front row when Governor McCrory announced CSX would be building a new intermodal terminal in his hometown bringing 1,500 jobs to North Carolina, Attorney General Roy Cooper greeted the impressive economic news with a standing ovation as the governor exclaimed
The Raleigh News & Observer reports that Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, the most unpopular governor of one of the heaviest taxed states in America, has endorsed Roy Cooper
Today, the Burr for Senate campaign announced a new digital ad buy after Deborah Ross continues to remain silent on her fight against establishing a sex offender registry in North Carolina when she was the chief lobbyist for the ACLU
With support from Senator Burr, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed the reauthorization of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, which helps protect children from sexual predators
The North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) today called on Roy Cooper to denounce Moral Mondays for their demands and tactics
As school districts across North Carolina received new restroom guidelines from the Obama administration based on a new interpretation of federal law
North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper called Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, who then began "CEO-arm twisting" by recruiting and coordinating with business leaders, including Deutsche Bank, to inflict economic damage on North Carolina to protest HB2
Maybe it was a Freudian slip? During a recent appearance at an event hosted by the N.C. Chamber of Commerce, Roy Cooper praised North Carolina's economy under Governor McCrory, admitting that North Carolina is the best state in the country for business and the state is now in a good position for fut
Despite Deborah Ross' best attempts to ignore her radical record, positions such as opposing an online sex offender registry in North Carolina will be impossible for her out run
As Deborah Ross' campaign prepares for another private fundraiser tonight, she continues to hide from her radical record
The National Resources Defense Council, who is sponsoring a 'hit piece' slam on NC Senator Bill Cook, may want to save the Polar Bears, but they don't mind taking property that is not theirs, and is not theirs to take.