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So you only spent a few bucks to rent the DVD: We are your guide to help you save your money, and more importantly, your time.


The unsanctified blood and gore, and the unmitigated violence to inflict such, in copious proportions with extreme prejudice, upon one's enemy was the unrelenting theme of this most effective film.
"Boyhood" is Richard Linklater baby: his nuanced theme, his created tale, his directed story of family, acquaintances and friends that grow into a life from one child's boyhood.
Divergent, in the similar formula of Hunger Games, proposes a future world forever changed by a cataclysmic event, against the simmering backdrop of teen angst, and maturing relationships of the opposite sex.
Marcus Luttrell wrote this titular story of his one life experience that would forever define who he was, who he is, and who he will remain.
A Fairy Tale for the Five Burroughs of New York ... And for the rest of us a tall tale, with a rewarding story of complete unconditional love.
Wes Anderson's films are an eclectic hodgepodge of reserved goodness; some sweeter than others, but all resilient as tested by time, and a perfect evening in the present.
The film, "Gravity", makes two broad statements: Outer Space affords one magnificent visual beauty, and there is no place more dangerous in sustaining one's life force.
The Folk scene in Greenwich Village, New York City, was a transformative time in American music. It does not particularly mean that all of the music was good, or especially unique, it just was a new wave of sound which should be understood from a historical context.
While RED 2 may be your common, garden variety sequel, it is mostly just the blackest of comedies built upon the intractable foundation of a perfect farce, where interpersonal relationships really do matter.
Future Earth after an alien invasion, and eventually Tom Cruise's character is left to pick up a good many of the broken pieces. Sounds solid enough for a decent film.
"The one with the tiger. That's the better story," said the writer, who had invaded Pi Patel's space and stolen his time to recount his beautiful life story to the rest of us.
They say love can make you a little crazy. And the movie begins by showing how 2 people are living proof of that.
It was the late 1970's and America needed a booster shot. After the underwhelming presidency of Jimmy Carter and the American military's extended occupancy in Vietnam, some felt that a more conservative revolution was in order.