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Education Industry  

In North Carolina education is big business. Sadly, North Carolina's Education Industry has become an unwieldy state sponsored monopoly that has long lost tract of the true path of its prime directive - to educate our "children" to be productive citizens. For good, and now, mostly bad, this mega business, which supports the lifestyles of so many "educators," whom have long since lost interest in the precepts of that assumed prime directive, is the collective yours (as citizens) to change, or to continue to carry burden unchanged. Either direction, this category is dedicated to providing the information to form real knowledge in the citizens of North Carolina, who take the time to care about the future direction of our community, and the society it provides us. Education is most important in that societal construct. Maybe we should all care a bit more that it returns to do its intended job.

A small change in a North Carolina law affecting charter schools could have a major impact on teacher education in North Carolina.