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Delma Blinson tells it the way he sees it.

Every person in Beaufort County (or North Carolina for that matter) who is interested in public education should have been at the Conservative Republicans Club Thursday (7-10-14) night.
Tom Campbell, of NC Spin recently suggest that "Let's take teacher pay off the table." No he was not suggesting that the issue of teacher pay be ignored, but quite the opposite...that it be "settled" once and for all.
From the standards grows an entire industry that seeks to make money "training" educators how to get students to do at least well enough on those tests.
The Guilford County Board of Education has voted unanimously to file a lawsuit against the State of North Carolina contesting the new law that replaces teacher tenure with term contracts plus a salary bonus.
There are a lot of upset teachers in North Carolina these days, or so it seems, from media reports. The target of their ire is the Republican-led Legislature.
It should be noted before going any further that the law on teacher tenure was changed by the Legislature to eliminate "career status" or tenure.
This commentary will make more sense if you review this article and particularly if you watch the video of Dr. Phipps' report to the Beaufort County Board of Education at its November meeting.
Partly as a result of these experiences I read with interest a recent article the The Chronicle Of Higher Education (arguably the most read publication related to higher education news).
Jesse Saffron, a staffer at the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy think tank has a well reasoned and lucid piece in the Carolina Journal on the issue of extra pay for teachers with graduate degrees.
I have a challenge for you. Recall the best teacher you ever had. Now think about what characteristics that teacher had and compare it to the other teachers you can remember whom you would never have selected as "best." Chances are you can't even remember those who did not make your cut.
Politicians who run for office always look for issues they thin will get them votes. I suspect if you could accurately assess it, the high school "dropout" rate might well be one of the top issues non-incumbents have chosen to run "against" over the last half century or so.
Gov. McCrory is right on target in calling for this review. But it is not a matter of a certain number of tests that are given but rather what the nature of and use of the tests are.
Those interested in public education in North Carolina who missed the May 16, 2013 Beaufort TEA Party meeting you missed an excellent chance to learn about "Common Core," perhaps the hottest topic in education circles today.
Today, Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker announce industrial expansion in North Carolina.
I am encouraged by the discussions the Beaufort County Board of Education is having about how it can function more effectively, and hopefully more efficiently.
One would think we Americans would learn. Government does not do very much very well.
This is a story about a big fish tale. The fish itself was big and the consequences of the dispute was big. About a million dollars worth.
ormer Governor and emeritus Davidson College chemistry professor Jim Martin has issued his report on the investigation of crip courses at UNC-CH. It was essentially an exoneration of the Big Shots in the UNC system and the system itself.
When I was a principal at a large high school in Wake County back in the 80's the first year we used computers to schedule students' classes we used the old punch card system.