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We wish to expose the various businesses providing the variety of services that support the marketplace within the vaious communities, as we all care for the folks of Moore County.


In an effort to contain costs, and remain economically viable, in the fluid phosphate ore market that is worldwide and truly in a state of economic flux, Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan is giving the 'pink slip' to about 1000 employees spread across their entire corporate footprint.
Recently an associate of mine in other professional life, county commissioner expressed to me, "I really like Beaufort County NOW; however, I look at the latest articles, I see one I want to read when I find time, and when I come back its gone."
Beaufort County Now was constructed to become a community platform where news and information could be shared with neighbors, friends and even strangers.
Each year, without fail, I procrastinate to the near end of the required period given, to take my continuing education class, to continue my real estate eligibility.
Let's face this one truth together: For a periodical to be successful that communicative device must be frequented by people ... people inspired to use your literary auspices to learn stuff.
Beaufort County NOW is our prototype; I've said it often. And as our prototype, my next proof is to prove that the site makes money, which it will once we take the time away from our many projects to sell others space on our well developed, well traveled platform.
Symbiotic Networks Incorporated will now market its wide array of internet products. We will do this by calling of business people, even politicians, but you may contact us, as well, at your leisure.