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James A. "Art" Pope has resigned from the boards of the Civitas Institute and Civitas Action, Robert L. Luddy, chairman of both organizations, announced today.
It's time to weep for the children who lost their lives and the adults who gave theirs trying to save the children in Connecticut.
Politicians in Raleigh and DC, aided and abetted by our oft-clueless media, are railing about how the only way to fix our economic mess is to get the 'guv-mint' MO' revenue.
Further announcements regarding additional appointments in the McCrory Administration will continue to be made in the weeks ahead leading up to the January 5th swearing-in ceremony.
As we begin 2013, we are in many respects returning to the political past in North Carolina. Not since Reconstruction has the Republican Party held control of our executive, legislative, top court and most of our counties. There are big changes and new faces ahead.
Lt. Governor-elect Dan Forest will take the oath of office in a private ceremony in the Old Senate Chambers of the North Carolina Capitol Building at noon on January 7, 2013. He will be joined by his immediate family in the ceremony. The oath will be administered by NC Supreme Court Justice Paul New
As I listened to Henry Hinton's Talk of the Town local radio program on Tuesday (12-18-12), I was simply amazed and troubled at the ignorance depicted by the hosts and several of the callers.
Many modern-day Americans consider dueling to be a senseless act of violence, but for many Southerners and North Carolinian gentlemen, the act was many times a defense of honor.
As Border Patrol Agent Jesus "Chito" Diaz left for work on October 15, 2008, he kissed his wife goodbye and hugged his children. His wife, Diana, had a gut check of impending danger as he walked out the door, and that is a normal reaction for a spouse going in harm's way and carrying a gun.
Known as the home of to R. J. Reynolds Tobacco, Wake Forest University, and the Moravian settlement of the Carolinas, Forsyth County was annexed from Stokes County in 1849 and was named for a War of 1812 colonel, Benjamin Forsyth.
North Carolina was once a growth champion of the national economy. Between 1981 and 1999, North Carolina's average personal income growth was the 4th fastest in the nation.
The Governor just last week swung a deal to give away Dorothea Dix to allow it to become a park to attract visitors to Raleigh.
Just in case you needed some evidence that elections MATTER, look no further than The North Carolina Supreme Court. Justice Paul Newby, fresh off of a tough reelection fight, wrote the court's majority opinion in High Rock Lake Partners v. NCDOT.
The attack on our embassy in Benghazi was a deliberate planned attack. Contrary to the lies, deceit and cover up of the Obama regime.
If you don't understand what Director Gary Bartlett is trying to explain to the State Board of Elections in this video that's okay, it's pretty evident the Board doesn't understand too much either.
In the last two months we here at the Beaufort Observer have spent more time covering election news that not only anything else, but more than all the other stories put together.
Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) announced Monday he plans to reappoint Sen. Jerry Tillman (R-Randolph) and Sen. Dan Soucek (R-Watauga) as co-chairmen of the Senate Committee on Education/Higher Education when the legislature convenes early next year.
For much of the sixteenth century, France and Spain competed for control of what would become the southeastern United States.
Watauga County mountain man Eustace Conway's passion for teaching primitive living came to a sudden halt in October when local government officials shut down his operation, citing safety and health concerns.
In 1899, two brothers, natives of the western mountains of North Carolina, opened Watagua Academy, the precursor of Appalachian State University.
A Civitas investigation has revealed how lobbyist Bob Hall, Director of the liberal advocacy group Democracy North Carolina, is a behind-the-scenes driving force at the State Board of Elections (SBE).
I want to thank all of you folks who worked so hard to help me win this Senate Seat. I am truly humbled at the extent of work performed so well, by so many.
In my freshman year at Cathedral High School for Girls, Sister Fredericka told us that studying Latin would teach us to think. I didn't quite get it at the time even after four years studying the dead language.
Susan J. Dimock was born in Washington, North Carolina (Beaufort County) in 1847 to Henry and Mary Dimock. Mary was the daughter of the Washington sheriff Henry Dimock, a northerner who migrated from Maine and editor of the North State Whig.
Three more violent criminals escaped death row today -- thanks to a radically leftist Superior Court judge and a "gift" that keeps on giving from the NC General Assembly called The Racial Justice Act.
What would the ideal job look like for you? Would it be one in which you had free rein to do whatever your heart desired and were paid regardless of your productivity?
North Carolina's efforts in improving education appear to be paying dividends. A comparative study of student achievement found our fourth and eighth grade students ranked highly with students in other states and other countries.
The Beaufort County Commissioners were recently approached with a request to approve a study being performed to determine if Beaufort County would benefit from a County Tourism Authority.
Governor-Elect Pat McCrory announced that he will appoint Thomas Stith to serve as Chief of Staff in the Office of the Governor, Ambassador Aldona Wos, M.D. to serve as the Secretary of Health and Human Services and John Skvarla to serve as the Secretary of Environmental and Natural Resources.
Culled out of New Hanover and Bladen Counties in 1764, Brunswick County is the southernmost county in North Carolina.
The North Carolina State Board of Election (SBE) is really two different organizations. To the public it is the appointed State Board of Elections consisting of political appointees of the governor representing the two major parties in North Carolina.
I am really amazed that Robin Hayes survived as long as he did in Washington. I've seen plenty of video of him in action as NCGOP chairman.
During the past 30 to 40 years, historians have revived for Americans the legacy of Frederick Douglass (1818-95). Before then, his accomplishments largely had been swept up, dropped into the dustbin of history, and left out of view.
Gov Bill Haslam (R-TN), a moderate who campaigned for Pat McCrory this year, has announced his state will refuse to establish a health exchange called for in the federal ObamaCare legislation.
NYPD officer Larry DePrimo was unaware that he had been caught on camera giving a homeless man a pair of socks and weatherproof boots he had purchased for him.
Amid growing sentiment by conservatives that states can derail Obamacare by refusing to create health care exchanges, Gov.-elect Pat McCrory says he has not decided whether to join other Republican governors in following that path.
We get a lot more ideology-based creative jurisprudence -- i.e., a nationwide "right to abortion" based on the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendment prohibition on unlawful search and seizure -- than neutral, unbiased evaluation of legislation based on the actual words in our founding documents.
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